Wednesday, August 23, 2017

Win The 2nd Biggest Powerball Lottery Jackpot In US History!

Have you heard about big money winning opportunities that are taking place in the United States of America? The Powerball Lottery jackpot is getting bigger and bigger, and it is great that I have a friend across the pond to buy Powerball lottery tickets, so I have a chance to win this Powerball lottery jackpot.

Last year, The United States had a huge winner, which you can read about in the article "Powerball Lottery Jackpot Is The Over 1 Billion Dollars. Are You Playing Lotto Online?". Now it is Summertime, and the Powerball jackpot is coming near seven hundred million dollars!

I am not personally a big fan of playing the lottery, if I am going to gamble, I would rather play a blackjack game for money on the Internet.  Seven hundred million dollars sounds appetizing even from across the pond in the United Kingdom.  My good friend will do me a favor and purchase some Powerball lottery tickets for me.  My friends in London have a lot of advice on what numbers to play. However, I am just going to let her choose.  The betting odds or winning are one in over two hundred million, so do not get your hopes up!

Win The 2nd Biggest Powerball Lottery Jackpot In US History


 The Powerball lottery jackpots are drawn every Wednesday in the United States of America, and it is usually in Eastern Standard Time.  I read on the Internet that the next drawing will take place in a small town called Tallahassee in Florida.

 The exact time the Powerball lottery will be drawn should be right before eleven o'clock Eastern Standard Time.  You should be able to find the drawing live on the Internet, or you can just hop onto Twitter or Facebook, and you can find it live.

How Does The Powerball Work?

Many people around the world are wondering exactly how the Powerball lottery game works.  I have visited the United States of America for some time and even had the pleasure of living there for a few years.  I can tell you that there will be sixty-nine white balls in one drum and five of them will be selected at random. The other drum will contain twenty-six white balls, and one of them will be randomly selected.

The first five numbers are significant but the sixth number from the second drum is the "Powerball Lottery" number. This number is what will tell you if you have just won the seven hundred million dollars!

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