Tuesday, August 22, 2017

Enjoy Las Vegas On The Go With The Big 5 Slot Machine

Big 5 Slots is an online game with a single payline and three reels that takes you to a wild adventure in the African continent to search for big animals the likes of which are not found elsewhere in the world.

As the name suggests, Big 5 slots is based on the Big Five animals that are only found in Africa as a group. Whatever you may be thinking of by now is not anywhere close to what it feels like when you are in the wild to hunt the big 5 animals. According to professional hunters, it is a very dangerous and involving yet interesting if you finally make it safe out of the wild. This is a useful link if you are interested in playing for real money.

It is time you shifted away from the world wild where you need to light fire and a firearm to a world of microgaming casinos where the only thing you are required to have is a computer or mobile phone.
Nonetheless, there are some attributes that we must carry right from the wild world to the Big 5 Slots video game. At least, we cannot evade the wrath of a lion, the speed and clever traits of a leopard and the presence of the elephant, rhinoceros and the buffalo.

Enjoy Las Vegas On The Go With The Big 5 Slot Machine

All these animals have been carefully put together to form what is called a powerful online video slot carrying the name of one of Africa’s most notable treasures, The Big Five. When you embark on this virtual safari that leads you to African soil, you are bound to meet all that Africa has to offer in terms of wildlife. The expedition will offer you nothing less but a full gaming experience any gamer would love whether novice or professional.

The screen of this online casino is filled with what you will no doubt want to see. for instance, what would you expect to see in a prominent African game reserve or National Park? Don’t you think that you’d be fascinated to see an elephant, a buffalo, a rhinoceros, a leopard and a lion, the King of the jungle? These are what Africa and the world regard as the BIG 5.

All the above animals will be what you’ll see on your screen. But that is not all. Apart from the Big 5, other things that are clearly seen on the screen of your phone or desktop would be a command bar, which is rightly paced at the bottom, the seemingly flexible paytable and of course the reels. With all those fascinating details about the Big 5 Slots, critics continue to hold something back from the slot. Granted, they may be right.

Big 5 Slots doesn’t really feature with the same amount of prominence other aspects of the game as it does to the traditional Big Five African animals. Trying to compare the two, the prominence that has been accorded the African Big Five on the screen and the few other details that have been incorporated in the slot would only hurt you. The music is also old school.

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