Tuesday, August 22, 2017

Are You Ready To Catch Your Big Break?

Have you ever heard of people saying, “No monkeys’ business”? Those who said those words evidently knew what they were up to. However, as time goes by, you’ll soon realize that there are times when monkeys’ business really means your business. And that will bring you money and excitement you’d not get anywhere else. Big Break slots is so far among the 5-reel Microgaming casinos that continue to accord gamers total entertainment..

Where Can I Play Big Break Slots On The Internet For Money?

Packed with some 15 paylines, Big Break slots is seemingly one of the best Microgaming casinos that is sought by many online gamers not for just entertainment but also for what it is able to award gamers with. On this slot, monkeys are seen surfing and looking for the sweetest fruits from among the many that are available.

Big Break Slots

However, in extreme occasions, the monkey is seen struggling to offset hunger and thirst by eating some fruits that are not considered its favorite. Among those fruits the monkey resorts to after being overwhelmed by hunger is the Coconut Fruit straight from the source. Although it is not the monkey’s favorite fruit, the Coconut fruit is likely to award a player with 5, 10, and 50x the amount that was used to bet.

If it happens that you match three, four or five Kiwi Fruits on any of the available reels, you are automatically eligible of garnering 6x, 30x, and 100x the amount you used on your bet. Coming up next is the tropical Mango Fruit. For those who have had a chance to enjoy a mango juice, no one can deny the fact that it is one of the sweetest and thickest fruit juices in the world.

Even so, the reward is not as much as what it tastes like. Nonetheless, prize is higher than that of a coconut fruit. As for the mango fruit, you’ll expect to get 5x, 15x, and 75x the amount you used on a bet. Note that this has to take place on an active payline. The other fruit is the Papaya. As for this fruit that is rich in Vitamins C, matching three, four or even five of them on a payline will put you in the best position of receiving 8x, 40x, and 120x your betting amount.

Do not forget about the ripe Banana Fruit, which is no doubt one of the favorite meals enjoyed by the monkey. Matching three, four or five bananas on an active payline will reward you with 10x, 50x, and 150x the amount you placed on a bet. Of course there are other fruits you’ll find very important in the life of a monkey. Although they may not be known to you, there is absolutely no doubt that they will help you earn more than you ever thought.

Besides, matching Monkey’s other friends on your payline will certainly prove rewarding to you even more than the fruits. Here is a list Monkey’s friends and what they offer when you finally match them:

  • Macaque – will pay you 3x, 15x, 75x, and 500x the amount of your bet
  • Orangutan – will reward you with 3x, 15x, 100x, and finally 600x
  • Gibbon – will result in 3x, 15x, 150x, and 700x
  • The Lemur – 5x, 40x, 200x, and 800x
  • The Gorilla – will reward you with 5x, 50x, 250x, and a whopping 1000x.
  • Keep watching the performance of these characters.

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