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How To Win At Bars And Stripes Slots Online

How To Win At Bars And Stripes Slots Online While many slots have been designed to speak about certain cultures in a way that seeks to praise the subject’s culture than the other, it is time that the US also talk about its people. The people of America are friendly, hospitable, bold and hard working and love to play Bars And Stripes Slots on the Internet. These are some of the qualities you may expect. As for the general public, it is certain of whatever it does. It is also extremely bold and courageous with the intent to protect their own.

How To Win Playing Bars And Stripes Slots Online

This Microgaming development really pays pretty much well with credits issued with regard to specific symbol. Some of the best landmarks and symbols you may think of as long as they can be associated with the American people, you’re likely to find them on this online slot game. Some of the symbols that are likely to give you credits are the Statue of Liberty, which has the very rich history of the American people starting with some of the former presidents going down to the founding father. Perhaps that is why it is important that you try and compare what all symbols mean The U.S. has a history of doing things top completion. At least that can be evidenced on a number of things such as the war on terror, issues to do with climate change as well as technology. Yes, it is a country that talks tough on hard issues. This video slot is designed with 5 reels and some 25.

 paylines, which offer a gamer a good opportunity to land on major wins. The amount of credits you are likely to accrue from the various bonuses that are offered on Bars and Stripes slot together with wins from the main game as well as those that are as a result of special symbols can be very encouraging to all gamers especially new ones. If you are lucky enough and land on a 50, 000-coin jackpot that is given to a deserving player, you’d have achieve the American dream. Learn more about how to win playing Bars And Stripes Slots At

Learn About The Symols Stars And Stripes Slots Has

Bars and Stripes video slot has many symbols that every player must know. Each of the symbols a player might encounter on this slot signifies a strong American nation as well as the people living in America. You have to do proper calculation in order for you to win. This is so to ensure that the right person deserves the prize that has been set aside. Some of the symbols that dominate this video slot include some types of food found across the country of U.S.A or those that are related to food. Such symbols include Oreo and other which pays on a rate of 5, 12, and 20x, the number of line bets for your successful matching of 3, 4 or even 5. Also as a symbol is a Hot Dog.

How To Win At Bars And Stripes Slots Online
As for this symbol, a player is likely to earn 10x, 20x, and 30x. In the list of symbols that associate with American food is the Burger and Fries. This combination is likely to increase the amount per betting line by maybe an additional 5 each leading to 12x, 25, and 50x your line bet. There are other symbols which revolve around food but the beauty is that those symbols continue to grow in value. Others are the Roast Chicken, which pays 20x, 40, and 75x, the BAR give 25x, 50x, and finally 100x.

Find The Bars & Stripes Slot Machine At Microgaming Casinos

The last three sectors are indeed paying high numbers of credits. Lucky Number 7, pays a good number of credits you’ll get is 30x, 60x, and 200. This is not the end. The American Flag gives gamers some 40 times, 100 times and 300 times. The two last symbols that pay most credits are the Statue of Liberty and The Eagle, a perfect resemblance of American insight and the power, to see far away. They offer 3x 50x, 200x, and 400x and 60x, 300x, and 600, respectively.

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