Monday, August 21, 2017

Save Mankind With The Battlestar Galactica Slot Machine

Are You Ready To Save Mankind With The Battlestar Galactica Slot Machine? If you have ever watched sci-fi movies, you will definitely be fascinated by what Ballstar Galactica Slot Machine will have to present. What is in this 5-reel video slot produced by Microgaming? How much do you expect? Answers to these questions are not difficult especially if you know that this best microgaming casino is based on outer space travels.

Can you imagine that you are in the verge of joining other space travel wizards such as Apollo and Starbuck? That is exactly what you’ll feel like when you start o spin on this best microgaming casino that gives a player some 243 ways to win. Of all the microgaming games, Battlestar Galactica Slot Machine is considered as one of the few games that are visually impressive. The slot’s graphics, animation and sound effects have been carefully knitted to give a client the best gaming experience.
Save Mankind With The Battlestar Galactica Slot Machine

Apart from the 243 ways that are at a client’s disposal to win, there are also other valuable means to win. You can think of free spins, multipliers and other means such as bonuses have always brought smiles to the faces of various players. The Run and Fight modes of this video slot each contribute to more excitement on various stages of the slot but more details on the Run and Fight segment will be addressed at a later date.

Accessing The Outer Space With The Battlestar Galactica Slot Machine

If you want to succeed in your quest of winning more prizes from this outer space adventure, you must be humble. It is good to accept that you’ll not be able to do it alone. Even in traditional space travels, going alone is not accepted by anybody in authority. At least, one needs a backup even if it will come later, which is straight from the source. There is no difference from navigating the outer space in gaming with prospects of landing on big prizes.

Many characters are needed on your side to support you on your journey to the outer space especially now that it involves money. There are however other things you need to take into account as you look forward to winning big prizes from Battlestar Galactica Slot Machine. Take for example when a gamer spins three, four or even five of the Ten symbol in a single reel, after using 1.50 to bet.

The player is likely to get 0.25, 0.50, and 2.00. But as for the Jack and the Queen, the pay is 0.35, 0.75, and 3.00. Hardly will you find a slot that pays that much. Things are even nice to player when talk turns to the Wild symbol named Ion Storm. It is at this point that the player is entitled to 15 free spins. If he/she is lucky to make three or more scatter symbols appear on the screen, there will be x3 multipliers.

What happens in this last part of the Battlestar Galactica is, very important in creating a discrepancy between Battlestar Slots and other Microgaminmg casinos with the same theme as that of the sci-fi movies.

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