Thursday, August 24, 2017

Enjoy Slot Machines Galore At The Slots-A-Fun Casino In Las Vegas

Slots-A-Fun Casino, one of the smallest Nevada casinos, has a very rich history that involves some of the notorious people from a family that was involved in skimming through the casino. Although the mastermind was later arrested and convicted for his involvement in the dirty gaming business and later the casino sold off, Slots-A-Fun Casino still remains to date to tell the story. The facility is located at the Las Vegas Strip, a very busy region in Nevada that is known for its thriving gaming and hospitality business.

 Play Casino Games At The Slots-A-Fun Casino In Las Vegas

The current owner and operator of Slots-A-Fun Casino, MGM Resorts International purchased the casino from its neighbor Circus Circus Enterprises who had bought the resort from the Civella family.
Since the 1970s when the gaming facility was owned and operated by the ‘crime’ family, it has been known as the center for pure slots such as blackjack and craps. Perhaps, that is the reason why even when MGM Resorts International purchased the resorts continued to offer even more slots.

Today, if you visit Slots-A-Fun Casino in Las Vegas, the first thing you’ll see is a craps table right at the entrance. This is not a scheme but giving clients what they want. Apart from the craps table that you will encounter the first thing when you check in, there are several other tables that serve clients with blackjack and other slot machines.

Those who have visited Slots-A-Fun Casino will confirm with all manner of certainty that it is one of the Nevada casinos where you will use very little in playing as many slots as you would.
For instance, since 2008 any player checking in has been using only $1.00 and $2.00 for playing blackjack and craps respectively. Have a peek at these guys to see the craps table and those of other slots are placed where there is much traffic because that is what players seek for.But since that time, Slots-A-Fun Casino no longer offers live table games. Starting 2011, the only games that have been given prominence in the facility are slots and other related machines such as 3 card poker and blackjack.

 Slots-A-Fun Casino In Las Vegas
If you like to take drinks, there are lots of them at the Slots-A-Fun Casino. There are lots of warm and cold drinks that are served 24/7. You will also be served fresh cocktail right at the gaming arena thanks to the at least two cocktail waitresses that will be at your service around the clock. It is encouraging to learn that there are some beers that are served for free especially to slots players.

However, this does not happen during peak hours. At times, the rules about free beers change during this time but the good thing is that often times, slot players find it a pleasure to take a free beer.
Many people who come from around or those that have managed to visit Slots-A-Fun Casino in the past know that if it happened you checked in the early hours of the day, you were entitled for a free pack of fresh popped popcorns. Sadly, the offer was discontinued some time ago.

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