Tuesday, August 22, 2017

Enjoy Delicous Italian Food With Bellissimo Slots

Bellissimo slots is a 3-reeled online video slot that you will definitely love to play. It is developed by Microgaming, making it one of the best Microgaming casinos in the market today that centers on food. It is the right thing to appreciate that while not many gaming developers design video slots that touch on food, Microgaming has decided to fill the need.

Bellissimo Slots Review

 Bellissimo Slots Review

If anything, this online video slot focuses on Bellissimo, an Italian traditional food that is loved by both locals and foreigners who know the value. Some of those who appreciate this delicacy are those that even if they ate plenty of pizza, past and even a lot of tomato paste, could not be satisfied. This group of persons often finds it enjoyable and satisfying when they eat Belissimo. It is on this reason that Microgaming decided to come up with a video slot that will doubt end all the cravings on Italian food.

Best Food

In any gaming endeavor, a player needs to be ready. It is only after being ready that he/she would enjoy the kind of game that is before the player. Interestingly, that is what Belissimo does. Although Bellissimo slots is an online video slot, it is also a food that is loved worldwide. But you may ask, what is unique about Belissimo? Well, apart from being food, Belissimo is a game with 3 reels and 5 paylines. From the structure itself, you’ll realize that Belissimo is unique in its sense.Continue Reading the more in-depth review or feel free to stay here.

The five paylines are designed in a manner that allows them to crisscross on the 3 reels. The background of this video slot is also unique. You do not have to be so meticulous to see that the background is chequered with a red and white cloth. Of course the background is done that way with a purpose.

This deliberate effort to paint the background with a red and white piece of cloth is meant to resonate with what you are likely to encounter in many of the Italian restaurants and eateries. Critics however feel that there is a setback. They base their argument on the rather cluttered screen, which makes it difficult for gamers to clearly see many things.

Granted, the screen is filled with reels, which occupy almost all the available space on the screen.
Apart from the 3 reels, there is something else on the screen that adds headache to a player: the commander bar, which is on the lower side of the screen increases the headache of accessing other features. As if that is not all, the permanent paytable on the right side has been termed by critics as a complete menace. Nonetheless, this does not make Bellissimo Slots the worst of Microgaming casinos but one of the best with your ordered plate that is filled with Italian Belissimo delicious meal.

It is of utmost importance that you know the ideal thing that is expected of you in order to win. Although the screen might be cluttered and some features such as a permanent paytable and the command bar may be misplaced, your objective should be how to collect 3 or more matching symbols on the paylines. That is the only way you will earn some credits on Bellissimo slots.

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