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7 Tips To Discover Android Casino Apps And Browser Mobile Casinos

The two types of sites for mobile casinos serve the same purpose-giving players a platform that will enable them to enjoy their games with ease.

Perhaps, the major difference is that while the other one you will only need to access various games as they are downloaded on your mobile device, you will be necessary to access online games via a browser thus you must use the internet during the time you want to access the games.

Different Styles Of Android Casino Apps And Browser Mobile Casinos

Games are made in a way that they can be vivid on your mobile device just the same way it would be if you’d decide to play via a giant screen from a local gambling facility.

That means, instead of placing your bet on a site via a website from a land-based or Android casino from Play Slots 4 Real Money or an office computer where there is the internet, you can do the same thing whether you are at home, on vacation thousands of miles away from home or even while you are traveling.

With the app downloaded and stored in the memory of your portable device, you do not need to visit the website for new products or to see latest additions and omissions. You will only need to ensure that the app in your Smartphone is kept up-to-date.

That way, you won’t miss anything, and you’ll be the other player who is locked on the internet and playing games with the help of a browser.

You may, however, ask which device is better for an online casino? Most USA mobile casinos users who prefer to place their bets online prefer either the Android or iPhone versions.

After all, are these not the world’s best mobile phone software developers? Well, because of their continued popularity, most USA mobile casinos have their clients use devices that are based on iOS or iPhone.

Android devices also have the same number of users who in turn download various mobile casino apps. Whether your device relies on Android or it is an iPhone and iOS, the type of website is the same. But it is designed in a way that makes it easy for both users to enjoy the game in equal measure.

For those who hitherto, continue to use Android-based gadgets can rest assured that developers are not blind on their quest to ensure that gamers enjoy every gaming bit.

Although there is stiff competition for mobile developers to stay afloat, still Android continues to have a firm grip on the device market thus mobile casino developers will continue to come up with games that resonate with the technology behind Android.

In fact, many gamblers who have used mobile devices that are based on various technologies argue that Android is the best option for them. They aptly agree that playing games on Android gadgets are smooth, easy and fulfilling.

Windows phone users are not exceptional. The reality though is that Windows as a mobile software developer does not have a big share when compared with the iOS above/iPhone and Android.

Still, the little space in the mobile device market that is available is fully utilized by mobile casino games developers. A few of opportunist USA mobile casinos do not underestimate the small yet significant market Windows offer.

They have thereby developed online casino games that resonate with the few Windows phones that are in the market, which is owned by gamers.

Even surprising is the number of new mobile casinos that are willing to launch their apps on this seemingly small space on the Windows phone market thus giving gamers an extra opportunity to make real money mobile casino site a thing to reckon with.

There are those mobile casino operators who have decided to stick to tablets. Whether they are based on Android or any other underlying technology, placing bets on an iPad is unnoticeably fun.

This, however, comes with extra advantage for both the mobile casino developer and the game as well. It has been said that the graphics on an iPad are superb.

The interface has been termed as high-definition. That means those who prefer to play their online games via tablets are likely to have a clear, bigger and beautiful view of the games compared to their counterparts who use other mobile devices.

Android Casino Bonuses

As we started, it was clear that the online gaming industry is growing big and better. With this great evolvement, many online casinos are emerging daily.

To ensure that gamers will keep coming back, various sites offer free bonuses. It is a taboo to find such on land-based casinos. As such, many gamers see it a prudent move to enjoy their games by placing their bets via online casinos.

Understand How To Find The Best Real Money Mobile Casinos Online

Unlike in the past, today, many people can access various online games via their portable devices thus making real mobile casino site the number one way players create wealth for their families.

Perhaps, this is the reason why there are many USA mobile casinos now than any other time in history. The number of online casinos has more than tripled in the recent past to fulfill the increasing needs of online gamers.

Where Can I Find The Best Real Money Mobile Casinos Online

That that poses many questions than real and satisfying answers like can there be a time there will be no more online casinos? Can a person make real money mobile site a good business? How much can one make by playing online games, and finally what are the benefits of investing in real money mobile casinos at

As mentioned earlier, these questions hardly find satisfying answers. Even if you tried to find answers, still others would emerge thus the sophistication of the whole issue.

Recent technological advancements have also aided in the mushrooming of many USA mobile casinos, which according to online gaming investors, will pose a challenge shortly.

Today, almost every young American has access to a portable device that once they have access to the internet, they can visit several websites thus making real money mobile casino site the business of the day.

Millennials too are not left out of this ordeal. Whether they are at home over the weekend or at work during the busy schedules of most week days, they can also access different online gaming sites just to try their luck.

The whole issue becomes even more comfortable thanks to various gaming developers coming up with strategies that enable players to place bets right from their couches.

This is possible because most contemporary online games can be equally displayed on mobile devices just as they appear on desktops. This has given most individuals and families to continue betting wherever they are.

As if that is not all, individual states are also making things much easier for online gaming enthusiasts. More and more states across the U.S. are now adopting laws that are lenient to online sports gambling.

Unlike in the past when only a handful of states legalized the operation of a few sites to run online gaming activities, today, there is quite a number that allows online sports betting to go on in their respective areas of jurisdiction.

After all, this helps individual states and municipalities to get revenue from online casinos that operate from within the borders of these countries.

Although it has been mentioned in the preceding paragraphs that mobile and portable devices have played a significant role in the increasing number of online gamers, it is also important to say that not all games can be accessed via these gadgets.

But some may still ask, what a mobile casino is. To answer this question, it is ideal to first go back to the root of the world casino.

Before USA mobile casinos emerged, people used to gamble. Yes, they used to play games but differently from what many know or do nowadays.

Back then, of course, some are doing so even now, people used to visit a casino, a physical place now called land-based gaming resort, casino or simply a gaming resort.

From here, a casino enthusiast could place his or her money on a game they prefer, spin, play or take part in the real game. They would either win or lose. Simply put, the outcome of an individual’s bet purely depends on wit, skill, and of course whether he or she is lucky.

What Mobile Casino Is

A mobile casino as known by many people across the U.S. is simply an online site that allows individuals to place bets on their favorite games. In many cases, it is an App that is specifically developed by many iTech guys to enable players to access games via their mobile or portable devices.

Whether it is a touch screen or any other modern device, a mobile casino can be placed in it as long as there is enough storage space inside the portable device to be able to keep the application’s data.

Friday, August 4, 2017

Bitcoin News: Bitcoin Casinos Start Accepting The New Bitcoin Cash

The Bitcoin virtual currency has been in the news more this week due to the new Bitcoin cash digital currency. Bitcoin Cash is not the same thing as the regular BTC, in fact Coinbase, one of the leading BTC digital wallets is not accepting Bitcoin Cash.

Online Casinos That Have Accepted Bitcoin are started to accept the new virtual currency.  There is a lot of money in both virtual currencies as the original Bitcoin is trading at over twenty-seven hundred dollars per BTC, while Bitcoin Cash is trading over four hundred dollars. Find out more information in the Bitcoin Cash Vs. The BTC Cryptocurrency article from PlaySlots4RealMoney.

Although some online casinos have jumped on board accepting Bitcoin cash others are still using the old Bitcoin virtual currency.  The interesting thing about this situation is that Coinbase has not started to accept Bitcoin Cash.  It is a good tell to see what the biggest digital wallet in the United States of America is doing as far as accepting the new currency.

Coinbase deals with other virtual currencies such as Litecoin and Dodgecoin.  What is coinbase against the Bitcoin Cash.  The online casino gamblers and investors are very curious, especially since yesterday an article was released that stated Coinbase has lost a lot of customers due to people using Bitcoin Cash instead of BTC.

What is the future of Bitcoin Cash Versus The BTC Cryptocurrency?

We wish we knew more about how online casinos and digital wallets like Coinbase will react to Bitcoin Cash in the months and the years to come.  It appears that Bitcoin Cash is easier to process than the older blockchain technology.  Blockchain has become a dominant factor in processing digital currency transactions however they still rely on human Bitcoin miners. Bitcoin cash appears to have artificial intellegence that enables the virtural currency to be processed faster, easier and safer.

Since 2008 Bitcoin has changed the way people buy and sell goods and services on the Internet.  Bitcoin has become a very mainstreem way to buy and sell goods on the web to the point where big online retailers like Overstock now accept Bitcoin.  Will Overstock start to accept Bitcoin Cash?  It is too hard to tell what the future of Bitcoin Cash is but we are looking forward to see how the changes affect the virtual currencies.

Sports Betting Odds: Philadelphia Phillies at Los Angeles Angels

Sports  Betting Odds: Philadelphia Phillies at Los Angeles Angels
Date / Time: Tuesday, August 1 - 10:10 PM ET
Site: Angel Stadium - Anaheim
TV Coverage: Fox Sports West

Money Line: Angels -110 / Phillies +100
Total: Under 8 Runs -115 / Over 8 Runs -105

The Philadelphia Phillies are on fire. Yes, you heard that correctly. The Phillies have won five games in a row and are no longer the worst team in baseball, at least from the standpoint of their record. So things are looking up, and they got some prospects in exchange for two of their best pitchers, Jeremy Hellickson and Pat Neshek. Now they will look to extend their winning streak on Tuesday night as they take on the Los Angeles Angels, who are still in the hunt for a wild card berth in the American League. You can place wagers on this game after it starts at, and you can also enjoy reduced juice and great Asian casino action with three no-download options, so there's a lot of fun to be had.

Where Can I Find The Best Sports Betting Odds Online? 

What makes the Phillies very optimistic on Tuesday night is that they have their best starting pitcher on the mound, and he is as hot as a firecracker. Aaron Nola, who came into pro baseball as a big prospect, having been drafted seventh overall out of LSU in 2014, is one of the hottest pitchers in baseball at the moment, with a 1.48 ERA in his last seven starts. And the opposition has failed to get much wood on the ball, as he is holding them to a .189 average.

Meanwhile, Ricky Nolasco (4-12, 5.07 ERA), Nola's opponent here, has let the opponent hit the ball a little TOO hard, as 27 of his pitches have wound up going the other way out of the ballpark, most in the American League. He's had his moments, but as the record indicates, not enough of them. This 12-year veteran has a Fielding Independent Pitching (FIP) mark of 5.40, which is far higher than he's had for any other season. He appears past his "sell-by" date. patrons might take a glance at the standings and see that the Angels, who trail the Houston Astros by 18.5 games in the AL West, are well within range of the Kansas City Royals, who currently have the second wild card spot in the junior circuit. They are, in fact, 5.5 games behind, and they hope that they can close that gap with a series against the Phillies, followed by one against the Oakland Athletics.

It would help if Mike Trout began behaving like Mike Trout again. The reigning American League MVP sat out six weeks and then came back on July 14. He has just four hits for extra bases since, and his slugging average has taken a dip in just the last couple of weeks (60 points, in fact). Albert Pujols and some others in the lineup supply power, but Trout is the "straw that stirs the drink" as far as the offense is concerned. has some of the best free play bonuses with reasonable rollovers. Also they offer reduced juice to give you better MLB betting odds, not to mention Live Betting Ultra, which helps you stay in the game with real-time wagering................ Remember that there is always great Asian casino action, with three no-download options, and multiple ways to open an account, including the virtual currency of Bitcoin, which never incurs a transaction fee!

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The Best Online Slots Casino Release The Jurassic Giants Slot Machine

Are You Ready To Hear About The Best Online Slots Casino Release The Jurassic Giants Slot Machine? August 2017 is in full force and the folks at  Black Diamond, Box 24 & Spartan Slots Casino have released Jurassic Giants.  Are you a fan of dinosaur themed games like T-Rex, Megasaur, and Jurassic Park Slots? Pragmatic Play (Top Game) software released the brand new dinosaur themed online slot machine.  This online slot machine is compatible with all mobile devices including Apple, Samsung and Android tablets and Smartphones.

All new gamblers that sign up for Black Diamond, Box 24 & Spartan Slots Casino through the Play Slots 4 Real Money site can claim a free spins no deposit bonus without having to enter a coupon or code.  After you try out the brand new Jurassic Giants Slots, you can make a Bitcoin or credit card deposit and claim you're two hundred percent match bonus that is valid up to two thousand dollars!

Play The Jurassic Giants Slot Machine At The Best Online Slots Casino

Are you ready to have a pre-historic real time?! Find out more information about Black Diamond, Box 24 & Spartan Slots Casino at the online slots casinos at PlaySlots4RealMoney.

Jurrasic Giant Slots has excellent graphics and a good storyline.  People outside of the United States of America can try out Jurrasic Giants and Jurrasic Park at Black Diamond, Box 24 & Spartan Slots Casino. The United States residents can only play BetSoft, Top Game, Rival and Digital Gaming Solutions games at Spartan Slots, Black Diamond and Box 24 casinos.

Once you enter the prehistoric jungles when you put some Bitcoin and real money on the Internet playing  Jurassic Giants Slots you will see that this game has 4096 ways to win. Pragmatic Play (Top Game) stepped up the quality and the odds of the player winning in Jurassic Giants Slots.  Microgaming casino software is notorious for having their two hundred forty-three ways to win games.  Pragmatic Play (Top Game) software providers just upped the ante by offering a four thousand ninety-six ways to win the game! Are you ready to bring home some extra cash and Bitcoin?

As you put some Bitcoin and real money on the Internet playing  Jurassic Giants Slots and start to spin the reels you will see there is a duel between The Mighty Mammoth and the strong T-Rex! This online slot machine is an epic game that you should try out if you live outside of the United States of America.  Give it a try and bring home some extra bread for dinner.

Monday, July 31, 2017

Realtime Gaming Casinos Launch Kung Fu Rooster Slots

Realtime Gaming Casinos Launch Kung Fu Rooster Slots! The month of July 2017 is coming to an end, however, Real Time Gaming casinos released an epic new online slot machine to play for real money and Bitcoin called Kung Fu Rooster.  Earlier in July 2017 Real Time Gaming casinos stood by their word and launched a brand new online slot machine again monthly.  Real Time gaming has been keeping up with at least one new game per month for several years now.

How Can I Win At Kung Fu Rooster Slots Online

Kung Fu Rooster Slots has five reels and twenty-five pay lines.  WIth an Asian theme, this online slot machine has great multipliers as well as many scatter wins.   The fixed coin jackpot is nothing compared to what you can win if you bet the maximum and hit three or more wild or scatter symbols! Your winnings will be multiplied by a grandiose amount! Feel free to read the Kung Fu Rooster Slots review at PlaySlots4RealMoney.

Free and real money online casino players are excepting a brand new online slot machine next month.  The word is that Real Time Gaming casinos are going to be launching an online slot machine that has a progressive jackpot.  It has been a while since RTG casinos launched a game like Shopping Spree slots or the Mid Life Crisis slot machine.

King Fu Rooster Slots is nothing like Shopping Spree slots or the Mid Life Crisis slot machine as far as big wins are concerned.  Don't get us wrong you can win a very nice amount of money playing Kung Fu Rooster Slots free or using the Bitcoin virtual currency.  The thing is that the progressive jackpots for Shopping Spree slots or the Mid Life Crisis slot machines are in the millions.  Therefore real money casino gamblers have been waiting a long time for a new online slot machine that has a progressive jackpot with millions of dollars.

Once the brand new Real Time Gaming casinos slot machine is released that has a progressive jackpot we will update our readers.  We will forward to ending the 2017 summer with a big bang like a multi million dollar progressive jackpot.

Sunday, July 30, 2017

Latest Online Casino Bonuses

The latest online casino bonuses are in for the end of the month.  We are almost finished with July 2017 and the summer of 2017 is coming closer to and end.   We are enjoying ourself up in Montreal relaxing but still working hard holding online casinos accountable for their actions.

What Are The Latest Casino Bonuses Online?

Are you ready to hear about the latest online no deposit casino bonuses, coupons and the codes? With that being said we have some of the latest casino bonuses from PlaySlots4RealMoney.  Slotocash and the folks at the Uptown Aces casino are having a great online casino bonus plus a no deposit bonus without having to enter a code or a coupon.   Head over to the Play Slots 4 Real Money site and sign up for either Uptown Aces or Slotocash casino through thieir site.  You will be able to claim the most awesome free spins bonus available on the Internet.

The existing real money Slotocash and Uptown Aces casino customers can claim fifty free spins this week to play the brand new Kung Fu Rooster slots. Real Time Gaming software recently released a new online slot machine called Kung Fu Rooster Slots. 

 Take action now and use the coupon cocde KUNGFU24HRS at Slotocash to claim your free fifty Kung Fu Rooster Slots spins.  There is a sixty time wagering requrement that comes with the online casino bonus and there is a two hundred dollar maximum cash casino cashout?  These requirements are for all real money and free players from every country!

The Uptown Aces casino bonus coupon code is KUNGFU24HRS. If you have an account over there make sure you enter that coupon code in and tell the customer service that the Play Slots 4 Real Money site sent you over.  Uptown Aces casino does a great job at providing customer service and continuing to provide more and more new games to play for real money.

While you are at the Play Slots 4 Real Money site head over to the Vegas casino section and click on Miami Club casino.  You have some free spins waiting for you if you have not signed up yet.  The new and the existing Miami Club casino customers can participate in the fifteen hundred dollar Miami Club casino tournament.

The name of the tourney at Miami Club is the ‘Hot Stuff Tournament’. The tourney starts toaay and runs until August 6th at Miami Club. It features the Hot Roller slot machine!  There will be several lucky winners at the Miami Club casino tournament this week. You have a chance of winning the progressive jackpot plus taking home an extra fifteen hundred dollars.  Are you going to be the next lucky winner or what?