Saturday, September 9, 2017

Congratulations To Big Winner At Miami Club Vegas Casino

There was a very big winner at the Miami Club Vegas casino last month. We would like to take the time to congratulate Kasey R, a player at Miami Club Vegas casino.  Miami Club is one of the few online casinos that accept the Bitcoin virtual currency that is powered by Vegas Technology.  Kasey R was playing the new Ultimate 10X three-reel slot machine game at Miami Club Vegas casino on August 28, 2017.  She got lucky by triggering the random progressive jackpot, which was climbing when she won over ten thousand dollars playing with less than one dollar!

Win Ten Thousand Dollars Betting One Dollar Playing Las Vegas Slot Machines

August 28, 2017, was a beautiful day for Kasey R, who was playing the new Ultimate 10X three-reel slot machine game for real money.  The new Ultimate 10X three-reel slot machine game has been top-rated at all the online casinos with Vegas Technology at   Kasey R was wagering twenty-five cents and had a thirty-eight dollar balance when she got lucky and struck it rich hitting the random progressive jackpot for the new Ultimate 10X three-reel slot machine game.

Hit The Progressive Jackpot Playing Las Vegas Style Slot Machines On The Go

When hitting the progressive jackpot, Kasey R won exactly a $10,260 from a seventy-five cent wager. That is right! She was only betting seven-five cents and won over ten thousand dollars.  The great thing was that she was playing with the Bitcoin digital currency, which made it easy for her to cash out the $10,260 in one shot!

Vegas Technology and Wager Gaming Solutions (WGS) power the new Ultimate 10X three-reel slot machine game and all mobile casino games at Miami Club casino.  Kasey R was interviewed about the Miami Club casino, and she told the customer service representative that she has been playing online slot machines for real money and with Bitcoin at Miami Club casino for about one year.

Big Winner At Miami Club Vegas Casino

She stated that she enjoys the games and has fun with the new releases, but she never thought that she would be a progressive jackpot winner.  She never considered herself to be a high roller or play high limit slots on the Internet for that matter. Her exact words were “I wouldn’t consider myself a high roller; I just play for fun; I don’t like to take too many risks with my bets” She said she is more of a penny slot machine player and never expected to strike it lucky and win over ten thousand dollars.

We love to hear about the people that win the progressive jackpots at all real money casinos.  It is nice to see someone so happy because she received her money, which was over ten thousand dollars in less than one week after she won the progressive jackpot.  Most online casinos will string you along and try to get you to play down the balance, but Miami Club casino lived up to their word as a highly trusted online casino.

Friday, September 8, 2017

Find Exquisite Gaming Pleasure When Playing The 1980s Crazy 80’s Slots

Find Exquisite Gaming Pleasure When Playing The 1980s Crazy 80’s Slots
For a serious online video slots player, perhaps there is nothing as good as reminding them of the old thing that used to happen at a time when they were either not born or were small babies.
Crazy 80’s slots among other things have a mix of something that takes a player back to several years of serious memories that will no doubt help you remember the days of either your youth or those of your other loved ones.

You can imagine of hippies that date back in the 60s, the 1970s rock and the 1980s strange styles that no one can dispute. Talking of the 1980s, you will realize that there are many things that one can learn. For instance, when we told of strange colors that are exactly what it meant.  In those years, more than three decades ago, a lot many strange things happened around the world. Whether it was about fashion, hairstyle, music and walking styles, everything was weird.

As for the Crazy 80’s slots, you can then imagine of a slot that with the help of 3D pictures, you can see and learn what used to happen back then.

Several other beautiful things are highlighted by the slot is that music, technological advancements, and architecture, all changed or were taking their strange turn during the 80s.
If you are a serious gamer, you are likely to love the fact that Crazy 80’s slots play a different type of good music when you hit at a prize. That is indeed amazing. It is as if someone is singing a jubilation song to you after the much-awaited achievement. Check this out if you want more details about the 1980's online slot machine.

The truth is that you might not find this slot on mobile devices. But that is tentative. Taking part in this online video slot is a clear indication that you love what happened in the 80s. That is whether you were born at that time, or you were born at a later date but love good old days. The slot is presented with beautiful colors, the likes you won’t find elsewhere, at least as a group. Some of the colors on the slot are: Neon and bright pink colors that are seen all over the screen are an accurate reflection of what you might be looking for in any online slot.

Other colors that you’ll love that are presented on the slot are neon teal green, sunset orange, royal purple, bright baby blue, and the sunshine yellow. Each reel on this slot is presented in a different color. This leaves the player with an ample time of making navigation on the slot’s interface resulting to a player knowing what reel they are playing in. This is also an added advantage to those that do not understand how they are supposed to play about on the reels.

Looking at the way this slot is designed, it is easy to say that Crazy 80’s slots have one of the most elaborate and easy to use interfaces of among Microgaming casinos.

Get More Gaming Pleasure Ahead Of 2018 By Playing Cracker Jack Slots

Get More Gaming Pleasure Ahead Of 2018 By Playing Cracker Jack Slots
Cracker Jack Slots is an online video slot that is designed by Microgaming, maker of some of the most popular online video slots that are highly-sort by online gaming enthusiasts. The slot is partly based on a well-known American song that is known by many people especially Millennials or older than that. Here is part of the song that was popular among the American people, “take me out to the ball game, take out to the crowd and buy me some peanuts together with some cracker jacks, I do not care if I’ll ever go back.”

Apart from being an old-time America past time song, now we have Cracker Jack Slots, a new development by Microgaming that is based on the same classic song. Although the game has been announced, not many online games have this game on their sites. But perhaps the most significant worry in the heart of gamer is whether it’ll be worth to place their money and spend their time reading reviews and taking part in the slot.

Much Color

Cracker Jack slots have one of the best color schemes an online slot has ever had. It looks! Indeed, if pomp and color are what you are looking for in an online slot, then be rest assured that you will get all that you have been craving for. The designers of the game made it with the sole aim of staying up to its name; Cracker Jack slots have been presented in a manner that every player would love.

When it comes to the encasing of the entire gameplay, Microgaming has done a great job. To start with, the title banner of this game has been done in the manner that will no doubt lure every gamer into trying on this new game. The game has been given a whole new design, one that looks incredibly great from the onset. It is easy to accept that it might be a nice game right from the title even without being told or going through the review.

On the banner, possibly behind the title banner, some coins seem as if they are exploding from the enjoined fireworks, which are seen shooting off in the background. Who will not receive such a slot? This site is also a perfect reference point for information about this online slot machine.

Cracker Jack Slots Gameplay

Reels of the Cracker Jack Slots are strategically placed at the top left. All the symbols of this online video slot are designed in the manner to conform to the title and its classic touch.
Some of the symbols on this slot are:

  • Bar
  • Double bar
  • Triple bar
  • Seven

Do not also forget that there are fire crackers on these reels too
A lot more is in store when you finally play on Cracker Jack slots, which is easy to see for yourself the history of your betting such s total bet, the total number of wins that you’ve made in the slot and much more.

Interestingly, under the paytable tab, you can find controls that will help you to be able to set your very own checks. Perhaps, the first thing you need to do to set off more quickly and candidly, yours will only be to click on ‘Spin, ’ and there you are.

Virtual Reality Therapy, A Good Thing To Quebec Lottery Winners, Says Loto-Quebec, JRF

Loto-Quebec, in conjunction with Jasmine Roy Foundation, has teamed up to avail virtual reality therapy to Quebec lottery winners.  This artistic innovation is aimed at helping lottery winners who have attained a given amount of money through their jackpot. According to the organizers of this virtual reality therapy, those targeted must be winners of $25, 000 and above. The organizers say that the number of such winners might be around 1, 500 each year.

Their move comes at a time when people are dreaming of a rather new way of using virtual reality. Every day, many people are talking about how they will use virtual reality in their ways.
It is unfortunate that this has affected other areas such as education, healthcare, art, storytelling, immersive journalism and even engineering. In fact, there could be many other faculties people are trying on.
Virtual Reality Therapy, A Good Thing To Quebec Lottery Winners, Says Loto-Quebec, JRF

However, the latest innovation is aimed at completely reducing the use of virtual reality that comes with winning lots of money this will stop any form of bullying that might come as a result of becoming a jackpot winner.

What Happens After Winning

It is hard to say what happens to Quebec lottery winners aptly. However, looking at what has happened to lottery winners in the past, it is easy to say that it is a hard situation. Lottery winners find themselves between a hard place and a rock immediately after the lottery winner is announced. According to recent findings, lottery winner finds themselves making hard and at times unreasonable decisions immediately after becoming jackpot winners. This brings winners endless problems. Take a look at this recommended site for more details.

LeCompte says that winners will always find themselves in a dilemma, “It is a tough thing for lottery winners especially after they are announced on media and appear in popular newspapers and magazines. Many people show up to congratulate the winner. They can be their mother, sister, loved ones including relatives, colleagues, and pushy friends. But after congratulating the winner, it is not a hard thing to hear one of them, a very close family member, maybe a sister, brother or mother say that they have dreamt of owning a condo in Florida, Miami or any other suburb.”

According to the organizers of the virtual reality therapy, no one is obliged to take it. However, the organizers strongly feel that it is necessary for winners of big money.  In fact, that is the reason why they haven’t invited the winner of small amounts of money.

“It is true that winning a jackpot has different effects on different people. However, the fact is that once a player becomes a winner, he/ she is forced to make difficult financial and emotional decisions. At times, without proper consultation, which usually is the case, winners find themselves plunged into problems that are very difficult to get over,” says LeCompte. Interestingly, the virtual reality therapy has received its first user, a man who just won $500, 000 on a mobile jackpot. The player picked up his prize last Wednesday.

Play Cool Couch Potato Slots Using Bitcoin

It is now not a problem winning big when playing slots. Couch Potato Slots at PlaySlots4RealMoney has made things very easy for any punter out there. With the slot, you can make as much as you have always wanted. The good thing about the Couch Potato Slots is that it grants you a modernized experience of punting. This is not the kind of slot that reminds you of the ancient times. Rather, it crowns you with a whole new experience. It is more like a journey that complements your experience from all dimensions.

Learn How To Win Money Playing Cool Couch Potato Slots Using Bitcoin

You might be there wondering how this slot game will benefit you. Well, we can confirm that there are a lot of benefits connected to this game. All you need is to have the art of playing it, and you will be set to enjoy a handful of advantages. Among the many advantages that Couch Potato Slots offers include:
Couch Potato Slots

Mobility Guaranteed

There is always something great about mobile gaming. First, it gives players the convenience of playing couch potato slots from any place. Additionally, the player can enjoy the game at any given time. Above all, you will not have to pay too much just to access a physical casino. It saves you time and money and also grants you maximum comfort. What more can any punter want?

Easy Win

You might be interested to know that Couch Potato Slot has a Couch Potato Logo that grants you the chance to make even more earning. Upon getting on of the symbols on the pay line, you will get five times the winning combination. If you manage to get two on the pay line, then you will get 25 periods of the winning combination. This is a big chance for you to make huge returns when playing Couch Potato Slots. Additionally, any player is granted the opportunity to win a maximum of 1,500 coins. This is more than enough for any player. In a nutshell, there is indeed a lot for you to win when playing Couch Potato Slots.

Multiple Spins

Although this slots game does not grant you free spins, you still have the chance to make a lot with the free spins. The game provides you with enough spins, with each one of them granting you the opportunity to make even more wins. All you need is to utilize your spins in a right way, and you will be set for a win like no other.

Friendly Design and Interface

The appearance of this slots game, particularly on mobile and electronic gadgets is appealing and attractive. You will be highly motivated to try even more. Your win will certainly be a motivated one. The ease of operation makes things even better. You will undoubtedly love the experience.

Play The Fresh Cosmic Cat Slots On The Go

What can be more luring and friendly to human beings that cats? You heard right. Over the years, there has been a lot of interest directed on cats. Even in the ancient times, cats remained as part of the family. They were the most cherished pets. The trend continues even today. There is simply something that cats have that makes them very attractive to humans.

Play Cosmic Cat Slots Free On The Go

Cosmic Cat Slots

It is no surprise that the cat has been on the internet more than other animals. Actually, since the advent of YouTube, there has been a lot to echo the value of a cat. This means that this animal has even found its way to technology. Do not be surprised when we say that the cat is now making its way to the gambling world. The first slot machine that appreciates the value of cats is here, and you will love every bit of it.

The Cosmic Cats Slots machine just made its way to the gambling world. Click this link here now to find exclusive free spins bonuses! You might be interested in trying it out sooner. This comes to you as added fun to your slots experience. You will have the privilege of enjoying something very different from the usual once you opt for this new and fresh slots machine.

Highly Attractive Design and Theme

What makes a slots machine attractive and easy to play? It is the motivation it fosters in punters. This is exactly what the designer of this slots machine had in mind. He knew that if you get unlimited motivation, there would be nothing to stop you from winning big. Unlike the old slots machines, this usher in a new design and them just to keep you motivated and entertained.

At first sight, you will realize the vastness of the slots machine. Everything about its design is meant to keep you on track and to ensure that you enjoy an irresistible experience. The interface of Cosmic Cat Slots machine is something else. It makes all operations easy and friendly for any person. Everything from the text design and font makes it easy for you to maneuver around. No doubt that everything about this slots machine is technological.

Easy Win

It does not require rocket science to win big using this slots machine. The machine comes with 3-reel slots and one pay line. As long as you can drop one cat symbol, you are as good as a winner. Your bet is guaranteed to return even with just one symbol. Certainly, this is the easiest way of winning as far as slots games are concerned.

You can even drop three symbols and make an even bigger win. This is enabled by the substitution feature that allows you to make use of the wild symbol. In other words, you have no limitation on the amount you can win.

Impeccable Experience With Cool Wolf Slots

Playing slots can never be a great experience without the best slots machine. It is now time for you to feel the real experience of gambling while playing cool wolf slots using a modern slot machine. This was brought about to ensure that your old experience of playing slots with old machines is brought to an end and replaced with something more entertaining.

The first thing that will catch your attention is the theme of this slot machine. There is no doubt that the appearance and display of any game give motivation to any player. It is for this reason that you have been granted the opportunity to experience new themes. You will be reminded of the American High School theme any time you play the cool wolf slots.

More Than Enough Ways of Winning

Cool Wolf Slots

It is evident that you would want a slot machine that grants you unlimited ways of winning. This is the exact experience that awaits you once you opt for this gaming slots machine. Believe it or not, this machine grants you more than 243 ways of winning. It is upon you to make as many trials as you can.

Complemented Spinnings

Yes! This is not just a normal spinning experience. It goes beyond that and offers you even more. Aside from making your spinnings, you will have the chance to enjoy impeccable themes all along. Each time you make a spin, the machine will grant you a new theme. All this is done to complement your experience in totality. Discover this info here to read a more in-depth review of this slot machine.

Get ready to be taken to another world where you will enjoy cool 60s garage music tracks. Not to mention the cheerleaders and the hot rod cars. There is still more than the machine has in store for you.

Collect Scatters and Get Free Spins Playing Cool Wolf Slots

Well, this is now tempting and exciting at the same time. All you need is to collect scatters and get free spins for yourself. You must admit that this is more than just a mere offer. It is easy. Any time you collect 3 scatters, 15 free spins will all be yours. 4 and five scatters will garner you 20 and 25 free spins respectively. This is a chance to win even more.

Above all, you will be at liberty to choose and control your bet. There is no need to worry about the amount you put in the machine. All coins will be placed under their respective bets. You will have the chance to reduce the size of the coins to match your specifications. All along, you will have the opportunity to enjoy some of the juiciest bonuses. Yes! You are not limited to the amount of bonus that you can make. It is you to make your moves wisely and maximize your chance of winning and getting even more bonuses.

Enjoy The Best Instant Play Casinos Online

Enjoy The Best Instant Play Casinos Online

How about enjoying your favorite game from any place of choice and anytime you deem right? It is possible. US players have the privilege of playing games from approved online casinos without worrying about location and time. Several online mobile casinos have been approved to offer instant gaming to US players. Some of them include; Slotocash Casino, Las Vegas Casino, Slotsplus Casino, and Uptown Aces Casino. All these casinos can be accessed from any smartphone or even tablets.

The online playing instant play casino games experience ushers in a lot of benefits to punters. Among the funded benefits that you will enjoy include:

Winning With No Extra Cost

Enjoy The Best Instant Play Casinos Online

This technology enables you to place your bets from your gadget. Any monetary transaction is done the same. This means that you will be at liberty to do your operations from any location of choice. This comes as an advantage to any punter since you will be spared the hustle of paying extra charges including transport and food. It is a double advantage since the amount you save can be used to playing even more. You do not have any reason not to win since more resources are on you.

Access Anywhere, Anytime

Gambling is fun. This is why one feels like doing so anytime and anywhere. However, there has always been a limitation of accessing physical casinos, especially in the past. This has changed since. You can now access your favorite games at any place of choice at any time. You could check here to find the latest list of instant play casinos online. This is because the platforms are right in the palm of your hands. All you need is to have access to your gadget, and you will be set to roll. Any time is gaming time for you. You are at liberty to decide when to play.

Unlimited Game Access

Instant Play Casino

It is not always a great thing to just play that one old game. Experiencing a variety is important. This is what mobile online casinos have in store for you. What you are looking forward to is instant play casino online. This means that you have the liberty to choose from a wide range of games and play instantly. Your taste and preference will dictate when to play. The bottom line is that you have the chance to access the games that please you the most.

Numerous Instant Play Casino Bonuses

Well, this might be a sound of something great for you. You will be happy to know that instant play casinos online provide players with the chance to get unlimited bonuses. It is you to utilize your chances maximally, and you will be happy to get the juicy bonuses. Considering that you have access to many games, you will stand even more chance of winning bonuses. This is something that will keep you motivated the more. More playing, more winning, and more bonuses.

Where Can I Find The Best Real Mobile Money Casinos Online?

Where Can I Find The Best Real Mobile Money Casinos Online?
There is no doubt that the world is evolving and everything is changing. Unlike in the past when you had to gamble using a computer only, things have changed into something different now.  US players now have the privilege of enjoying gambling using their mobile phones. Among the real mobile money casinos that are accepted for US, players include slotcash casino, slotplus casino, uptown aces casino, Las Vegas USA casino. In any of the casinos above, you are at liberty to access your favorite game using your smartphone or even your tablet.

So, what benefits are you bound to enjoy once you opt for Real Mobile Money Casinos?

Real Mobile Money Casino

First of all, you will be at liberty to access your favorite online casino using your mobile gadget. This implies that you will be spared the hustle of paying too many expenses in the name of accessing your favorite game.

Win Big With Fewer Expenses

You will not have to cater for transport expenditure in the name of accessing a physical casino. Going to a physical casino will probably prompt you to pay for food and even other unwarranted expenses. The big thing about real mobile money casinos is that you will have the chance to save a remarkably huge amount of money. Even better, you can use the amount saved to play even more and win big.

Access To High-Quality Slot machines

Your gaming experience will be highly complemented by the top quality slot machines that you will get from mobile casinos. Note that you will be using a digital and electronic method of gambling. Digital slots are more entertaining and friendly to the user.

Access to Assorted games

With Real Mobile Money Casinos, you will be granted the chance to access as many games as possible. You will be the one to make your selection. Note that all this will be done possible right in one gadget. All you need is to log in to your account and choose the games that please you the most. The bottom line is that there is a lot to play.

No Added Charges To Access Sites

You will not have to pay anything to be a member of a particular online mobile casino. All you need is to sign up for free and start playing your favorite game. Apple iPhone slot machines also do not charge a dime for one to play games. You can imagine playing all the games you have always yearned for free of charge. You can try these out but please play real money mobile casino games safely and at your risk.

No Limitations

Any time is playing time. You are at liberty to play at any time of your choice and any place you deem right. After all, you have your gadget, and the sites are open all the time. You must therefore not waste your chances. It is time to make even more by playing limitlessly.

Whip On 888 Holdings After UKGC Imposes $10 Million Fine On The Company

The 888 Holding casino has hit the headlines following a whip from the UK Gambling commission. The company was fined for not complying with the regulating rules set by the board, particularly in connection with social responsibility. In just a recent scrutiny, it was unearthed that 888 Holding was among the gambling companies that have been exploiting consumers by encouraging problem Gamblers.

in the article 888 Holdings Fined 10 Million Dollars For Problem Gamblers at PlaySlots4RealMoney it says that the primary focus of the company was on 7,000 Gamblers who had deposited an amount estimated at $4.5 Million into their gambling accounts. This came as an indicator to the company that there was indeed a looming issue of problem gambling.

Since the establishment of UK Gambling Commission, such a fine had never been imposed on a gambling company. Apparently, this is the largest fine to have been imposed on any gambling company. The commission justified its move on the grounds of safeguarding vulnerable customers from irresponsible gambling.
888 Casino Holdings Whip On 888 Holdings After UKGC Imposes $10 Million Fine On The Company

In his comments, MP Tom Watson slammed on the company terming its practices as outrageous. He further claimed that the practice of exposing vulnerable consumers is unacceptable and must not be entertained at all.

To back the sentiments of Tom Watson, the UK Gambling Commission Spokesperson said that matters f safeguarding consumers must remain of interest at all times. None of the betting companies should take the responsibility of protecting customers lightly. She said that the penalty imposed on the 888 Holdings Company should serve as a great lesson to other companies that tend to exploit vulnerable consumers. The move by the commission was to mitigate the effects of problem gambling and to ensure that the practice is named before it grows further.

Evidence On Irresponsible Gambling

UK Gambling Commission took the case of one person who had made 850,000 bets worth $1.7 Million in just a period of slightly above one year. To the commission, this is something that the company should have noticed and discouraged early enough. The aftermath was that the customer was charged and sentenced to 16 months since it was revealed that he had the habit of stealing to fund his gambling habits.

The 888 Holding company did not have time to interact with the customer despite noticing the amount of money involved, and the duration it took. This went ahead to raise and alarm hence prompting the commission to act. The board confirmed that it remains vigilant about issues of corporate social responsibility and that any company must play its role.

More Regulatory Measures

The government is expected to extend its whip on casino malpractices come October 2017. This is directed towards ensuring that betting companies do not expose consumers to problem gambling. The move is also prompted by the recent study that revealed 0.2% increase in cases of problem gambling in the UK. The commission and the Government are expected to address issues of fixed-odd betting among other problems.

Thursday, September 7, 2017

Slots Capital Casino Offers Free Spins To Play The Most Popular Rival Gaming Slot Machine

Slots Capital casino is offering new and some existing customers the opportunity to play the most popular Rival gaming slot machine free.  Jumping Jaguar Slots is the most popular online slot machine from Rival gaming, and you can claim fifty free spins by signing up for Slots Capital Casino at  Jumping Jaguar Slots is the Most Popular Rival Gaming Online Slot from Rival Gaming. If you have not given it a try, you should take action now as the free spins will not last forever.

Play The Most Popular Rival Gaming Slot Machine Free At Slots Capital Casino

There is a contingency for the free slots at Slots Capital Casino for the Jumping Jaguar Slots.  The new and the existing Slots Capital Casino customers that will claim the fifty free spins have to make a deposit this September 2017.  This bonus is not a direct no deposit bonus offer, and we want you to be aware before claiming signing up.  There is a free spin and a no deposit bonus at Slots Capital Casino at but it may not be for Jumping Jaguar Slots plus it may be for a different amount of free spins.

The Jumping Jaguar Slots bonus comes with a sixty times wagering requirement, and the maximum amount a player can cash out is one hundred eighty dollars.  The bonus starts today and runs throughout all of September 2017.  The promotion officially ends on September 30, 2017, and all deposits until September 30, 2017, will be eligible for the fifty Jumping Jaguar Slots free spins.

About The Jumping Jaguar Online Slot Machine

Slots Capital Casino Offers Free Spins To Play The Most Popular Rival Gaming Slot Machine

The Jumping Jaguar online slot machine can be played on all mobile devices.   It has a jungle theme with five reels and a Golden Jaguar scatter symbols that will bring about huge wins by taking you to the bonus round.  The bonus rounds have free spins that can be retriggered by landing the Golden and the Silver Jaguar symbols.  If you land the Silver Jaguar Symbols, you will trigger the Hunt Super Round. The Hunt Super Round allows icons to drop, which produces even bigger wins!
The Jumping Jaguar icon is the Expanding Wild symbol. The expanding wild symbol will double your wins and creates, even more, opportunities to win cash,

Congratulations To Big Winners At Slots Capital Casino

Earlier this summer Slots Capital casino a player with the screen name Katie S had a very nice sized win.  Katie S won, $23,587 playing the Jumping Jaguar slot machine at Slots Capital Casino.

Katie S was interviewed and said that she started to play the Jumping Jaguar Slot machine because she loved Jungle animals. She went onto say she loves frogs, sloths, and even colorful Toucans.  Katie S said that she never expected to win so much money! Will you be the next lucky winner? Take action now and head to the Slots Capital casino review at because your free spins are waiting for you!

Is Sports & Casino Gambling With Bitcoin Legal?

Sports and casino gambling is legal in some parts of the world, and the same comes for using the Bitcoin virtual currency.  Many online casino review sites say that "Bitcoin is legal and casino gambling is legal" but that is far from the truth!  The fact is you need to consult an attorney and find the online gambling laws and the laws about using Bitcoin in your country, state, and province.  Do your research before you join any USA Bitcoin casinos.

Where Can I Play Online Casino Games With Bitcoin?

The purpose of this article is to point out that people have to do their research and find out about the legalities of sports gambling, casino gambling as well as using the Bitcoin virtual currency.  We are going to use the United Kingdom as an example for online casino gambling and sports betting.  The United Kingdom has made mobile sports betting and online casino gambling legal over the past decade.  People can play online casino games for real money and bet sports on the Internet with licensed and legal UK casino and Sportsbooks.  The key to the last sentence is "Licensed and Legal."
USA Bitcoin Casinos

The is a hefty fee to obtain and keep an online gambling license in the United Kingdom. Most of the online casinos that claim to be licensed in the UK are not. Make sure that you do your research before signing up with any online casino in the United Kingdom. 

I am not sure if Bitcoin is legal in the United Kingdom.  I believe The European Union legalized and regulated the Bitcoin digital currency, but I am not one hundred percent sure. It is best to do your research wherever you live as you do not want to break to law.

Online Casino Gambling WIth Bitcoin In The United States

Bitcoin casinos are all over the Internet, and some of them look very good.  My friend lives across the pond and said she found great USA Bitcoin casinos over here.  The Play Slots 4 Real Money site has a list of USA Bitcoin casinos, but I am not sure if it is legal to play online casino games for real money using Bitcoin.

She told me that the United States of America has different online gambling laws for each state. I am not sure if that is true, but she also went to say that Bitcoin is legal in some states, but not others in the U.S.  According to her statement that she lives in allows her to play online casino games for real money using the Bitcoin virtual currency.

I have thought about investing in Bitcoin but have never thought about joining a Bitcoin casino.  I can see from the Bitcoin charts that investors have made a lot of money trading Bitcoin over the years.  I would imagine that real money casino gamblers from the United States of America got in on some of the Bitcoin investments.

The United Kingdom is very different from the United States of America in many ways.  Online gambling and Bitcoin are two ways that the UK differs from the US.  Before you join USA Bitcoin casinos make sure it is legal, so you do not get in trouble.

Wednesday, September 6, 2017

What Are The Newest Online Casinos With Mobile Apps?

Have you been wondering what the newest online casinos that have come out on the Internet with mobile Apps are?  Have you been curious if they are legit and trusted Internet gambling sites or rouge casinos?  In this article, we are going to explain and show you references about the newest online casinos with mobile Apps?

What Are The Best New Online Casinos With Mobile Apps?

Some online casinos like Raging Bull came out and unfortunately turned bad after they were bought out.  Not all new online casinos with mobile Apps are bad. If you live in Australia or anywhere in the world for that matter, you may like Fair Go casino.  Fair Go casino was originally just for Australia casino players that wanted to play Real Time gaming casino games.

Fair Go casino grew very fast and the Deck Media management team (who also manages Miami Club, Slotocash and Desert Nights) decided to open up Fair Go casino to the entire world. Fair Go casino is one of the best online casinos that has come out in the last year.  They accept the Bitcoin virtual currency and also allow credit cards from customers across the planet.
What Are The Newest Online Casinos With Mobile Apps

If Real Time Gaming software does not make your favorite mobile casino games, you may want to look at another brand new world wide casino accepting Bitcoin.  This new casino with a Mobile App has Vegas Technology Games and is owned and operated by Deck Media as well.   The name of this new online gambling site is Red Stag casino. Red Stag is the sister to Miami Club casino as they both have the same real money games to play but are two completely different brands.

Another new casino that came out that we are not one hundred percent sure about is Vegas Crest.  Vegas Crest casino has a lot of games but has had a lot of problems with payments.  They take money from people quickly, but when it comes time to payout sometimes, they are on point and pay out on time and in full. Other times it can take Vegas Crest casino months to pay out their online casino customers.

We do not feel that Vegas Crest casino should be blacklisted or called a rogue casino.  They just need to improve their deposit and especially their pay out options.  They recently started to allow Bitcoin for online casino deposits and withdrawals.  We have heard the same complaints about this new gambling site.  Even with Bitcoin, it takes them very long to payout.

MBIT casino is new, but they have a bad reputation among some  Internet gambling forums.  I have also heard negative things about the MBIT casino. Golden Spins is a new online casino worth mentioning because you should stay away from them. Top Bet owns Golden Spins, and they do not pay out their customers. Top Bet used to be a reputable place to play mobile casino games, and we thought Golden Spins casino would be great but we were wrong.

Which Online Casinos Accept PayPal?

Finding online casinos that accept PayPal used to be very easy. PayPal, Netteller, and Moneybookers (which is now Skrill) were the easiest ways to make online casino deposits and withdrawals.  You entered your credit card or bank account information in your PayPal, Skrill, and Netteller accounts and you quickly made your online casino deposits.

United Kingdom Casinos Still Allow PayPal For Online Casino Deposits And Payouts

The United Kingdom and other countries around the world still allow online casinos to process their transactions through PayPal.  Finding Paypal casinos were easy in the 1990's and the 2000's, but now if you do not live in the United Kingdom or a country in Europe, you may have a problem finding online casinos accepting PayPal. Read the article about PayPal casinos on the Internet at the Play Slots 4 Real Money site for some useful information.
Which Online Casinos Accept PayPal?

Using your Paypal account to make online casino deposits in the United States of America was forbidden for almost a decade.  Some states like Delaware, Nevada and New Jersey opened their states up for real money casino business and Internet poker tournaments.  PayPal now accepts payments and payouts from some of the online casinos in the states of New Jersey, Delaware, and Nevada but not anywhere else in the United States.  Is that a fact?

Can You Make Online Casino Deposits And Get Payouts In the United States Using PayPal?

Some people that play online casino games for real money and the Bitcoin virtual currency on the say they use PayPal and other digital wallets in other states.   Some people have said that when you link a Bitcoin digital wallet to your Paypal account, you can make deposits and withdrawals using PayPal as long as it is a Bitcoin digital wallet or debit card. I do not believe that PayPal is allowed Bitcoin transactions for online gambling in the United States of America, but you never know.

Slotocash is one online casino that accepts PayPal from some countries around the world.  It appears that the United States of America has different laws on a state and Federal level.  Nevertheless, if you live outside of the United States of America, you should be able to quickly stop by and sign up for Slotocash casino to claim your free spins before you make your real money PayPal casino deposit.

One of the biggest benefits that PayPal offers all people, not only online casino gambling customers is the Payment Protection.  Unfortunately, some people that play mobile casino games at PayPal casinos cheat to get their money back by using the Chargeback if they lose. 

PayPal casinos do not like the fact that their real money players cheat their PayPal and have started to offer credit card directly plus Bitcoin for deposits and withdrawals.  Credit Cards offer payment protection however if the credit card catches on that you are using their credit card for gambling, will that upset them?

Other the past decade many online casinos accepting PayPal in the United Kingdom and all over the world have started to use Bitcoin as their primary deposit option. These gambling sites offer bigger bonuses when their players make Bitcoin deposits.

Is Online Gambling Legal In The United States of America?

Gambling on the Internet is legal in many places of the world.  Some countries have restrictions on the type of online gambling that their residents can participate in.  The United Kingdom is one country where all online gambling is legal, but many people ask the question "Is online gambling legal in the United States of America"?  The first thing we feel anyone should do anywhere in the world is to consult an attorney.

Find Out If Online Gambling Is Legal In The United States Of America

Based on our research if online gambling is legal is some states in the United States of America.  In the 1990's and the early 2000's; online gambling was legal in the United States of America.  This was a time when Internet gaming thrived, and there was a "poker boom."  Poker was one of the most favorite games to play for money on the Internet back then.  This was before the Blackberry Smartphone and any computer tablet.  
Is Online Gambling Legal In The United States of America?

Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act of 2006

Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act of 2006

In 2006 the United States of America allegedly passed a law called the Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act of 2006. The Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act of 2006 is also known as the UIGEA for short.  In the article Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act of 2006 At PlaySlots4RealMoney it shows how many people and online casino operators did not stop gambling over the Internet.  It appears that many people that gambled their money on the Internet through the Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act of 2006 felt the law was vague.

In 2011 the United States Government took down some of the biggest online poker and Sportsbook betting operators but no customer, affiliate or advertiser was arrested allegedly.  This day in 2011 is called Black Friday, which stopped a lot of the online gambling in the United States of America.

Online Gambling In The United States of America After Black Friday

Since Black Friday in 2011 and the Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act of 2006 individual states started to propose online casino and Internet poker bills.  A few individual states passed laws to make online casino gambling and playing Internet poker for money legal.  It appears that New Jersey, Nevada, and Delaware are the states that have legalized online gambling in the United States of America.

Many other states appear to have started to process of legalizing online casino gambling and playing poker for money on the Internet. Sports gambling seems to be the only form of online betting that remains illegal in all states in the United States of America.

Real money casino gamblers have not stopped playing mobile casino games on the Internet in many countries.  It seems like sports betting is the one form of gambling that the United States Government will not allow.  The states of Nevada allows their Las Vegas casino to accept sports bets but not over the Internet.

Offshore casinos online still advertise all over the Internet and social networking sites.  Bitcoin appears to become the currency for online gambling in the United States of America.  What is the future of gambling in the United States? Only time will tell.

Tuesday, September 5, 2017

The Importance Of Playing Mobile Slots For Big Cash

Now than any other time in the history of humankind, you can play online slots thanks to several online gambling sites that offer a variety of online slots for you to choose.

Although most of the games that are available online are down loaded, there are some that do not need to be downloaded. This, of course, saves you the unnecessary ‘pain’ of losing some of your sensitive data in a bid to fin some space for the new online slot.

How Can I Win Big Cash Playing Mobile Slots Online?

Below is a list of 5 of the most reputable online gambling sites that offer mobile slots at very friendly rates. Although you can come up with your list, there is absolutely no doubt that most of these sites will feature first on your maiden list:

  • Spartan Slots that gives players a bonus of $5, 000
  • Uptown Aces that for a long time has enabled eligible gamers to walk away with a bonus of $8,888
  • WinADay casino with a bonus valued at $500
  • Slots Capital casino, which boasts with some $2, 777 and
  • Las Vegas USA Casino that should have been at the top with a whopping $10, 000 prize in bonus

Do not forget that the above list is not complete. Several other reputable sites offer mobile slots. With the mere mention of only a handful of the gambling sites available only shows that with a more open research you will reveal dozens of others. Take a look over at this website if you do not find what you are looking for here.

For now, all of the best real money US casinos that are in the above list above are great gambling sites to play real money free slots and mobile slots.

As you well know, the Apple iPhone, iPad, and the Androids are the most popular Smartphones and tablets currently. So, during your search, which we recommend should start from this site should be geared towards finding those games that are supported by portable devices that include the most basic internet-enabled mobile phone.

It is logical when you learn that one or the most USA allowed slot casinos that is powered by RTG, a reputable online games developer, gives you a chance to play mobile slots the way you want. There is more. There are immense benefits especially when you use our links to get to your preferred site. You stand a chance of winning up to 100% in welcome bonuses that are good up to $10,000 over your first ten deposits. Isn’t that what you want?

Or someone may ask, what more would you need apart from a bonus that comes your way for only doing what you ought to have done anyway?
Mobile Slots

Most of that site that was mentioned in the list above accept major credit and debit cards from people whether they play slot machines for real money online or on the go on mobile Smartphones and tablets.

You don’t have to worry about the credit card or debit card’s safety for all information on a client’s financial and private details are kept safe and secure.

What Are The Best Mobile Casino Games Available To Play With Money?

Perhaps, there is no any better way to earn real money online than playing slots from mobile casino games. It is even much simple that while others will be thinking of driving or even walking to a local gaming facility, you on your part has made quite some strides.

 May be, the only thing you need to ensure from the word go is if the site that you intend to play mobile casino games from is dully registered, fully licensed to offer gambling services and operates within the right confines of the gambling laws in the country or state that it is constituted in.

Discover The Best Mobile Casino Games At Top Rated Review Sites

For instance, a majority of the American people would prefer to play  mobile casino games at PlaySlots4RealMoney via their phones and tablets as opposed to going to casinos made of brick and mortar.

It, however, doesn’t rule out the immense benefits of taking part in the placing of bets from a land-based gaming facility with many offering several advantages including big prizes that amount to millions of dollars, free cocktails, music and of course scores of other benefits.

The beauty of online mobile games, however, is the fact that you can make payments whenever you need. As long as the mobile casino site does not have a problem accepting your credit card, you can go ahead and make the payment.

Thankfully, almost all gamers find it easy to pay for their mobile casino games using the credit card they currently have with absolutely no fears of credit card insecurity and jeopardy of their private and confidential information.
Mobile Casino Games

The list below contains some of the best online gambling sites that are known to offer high-end mobile casino games. Besides, we’ve also been able to add to the small list, the amount they pay when it comes to the bonuses that are given to players by these respective online gambling sites.

Take a look:

  • Las Vegas USA Casino that gives gamers a bonus of up to $1o, 000
  • Black Diamond Casino that issues a bonus of 5, 000
  • SlotoCash Casino with $7, 777
  • Rich Casino comes in at the fourth place with $3, 3333 and at number five is
  • WinADay Casino with $5, 00 bonus

It is good to know that apart from mobile casino games becoming more and more popular each day; they are the best and convenient way of placing bets online.

It is therefore important that you find the most appropriate and convenient online gambling site for you to receive all the right things that will come out of your time and effort.

Of utmost importance is to ensure that the betting site you want to sign up for is compatible with Androids, Apple Iphone’s, Apple IPad’s, Windows phone, Blackberry’s, and all Apple iOS devices.

We stress on this because most people use the phone that has the software as mentioned above that run their mobile phones.

Besides, if you cannot ensure that the online video slot you are about to play is mobile responsive, what would be the benefit that you want to play online mobile casino games?

Use our links to sign up for one of the best Smartphone casinos that we have listed above.

The City Of Gold Slots, A Classical Video Game With A Difference

City Of Gold Slot
Why would anyone modern want to go back to a classic video slot and betray what has been created for the modern online gaming community? That is a good and noble question that would only be answered in one word, ‘quality.' That what an online gamer would always go back to look for from a seemingly medieval online slot that too many it would be a waste of time. It has been said that of all Microgaming and other online gaming projects, City of Gold slots stands out as the best with a prize of 1, 600 coins.

Where Can I Play City Of Gold Slots Free On The Go?

This usually is not the case when talking about an online slot that has a single pay line and three reels.  In most cases, the top prize is way too little than what we are witnessing on this. Besides, this slot gives gamers a chance to place their bet using very affordable rate of $0.25 to $10 being ten highest ever someone can ever use on a single bet. Click this link here now to get free spins to play the City Of Gold slot machine.

This mechanism has been described as the ingenious way of giving gamers more ways to win than in a standard retro slot machine thanks to the presence of multiplier wilds and several easy-to-match payout combinations as is the case with several other slots. It is true that betting values in City of Gold vary from $0.25 to $10. But the real button that players will want to pay attention to is the coin amount.

This has a profound effect on their playing of this game as they can access a new and improved payout table when playing with a second coin. Additionally, the values for all winning pay lines in both this paytable and the one-coin version are always on the display that is located on the right side of the reels.

This is obviously a deliberate orchestration to make the game’s rules incredibly straightforward and easy to follow. All players will do good to understand that they do not expect some strange developments on this slot. As such, it is prudent to comprehend that because the City of Gold Slots is made up of a single pay line, they will only be expecting prizes on the spaces that are located at the center of all the three reels.

However, with the presence of golden bowl wilds, gamers will certainly be happy to learn that it will not be so hard to make it especially in their bid to match three-of-a-kind combinations. City of Gold slot’s wild symbols also has a multiplier effect, when they help in the doubling of any payout when one is substituted and quadrupling it when two are featured in a winning combination as part of the threshold.

Granted, City of Gold Slots is a classic video slot with several ancient features. But that is different when it comes to entertaining gamers. In fact, then the developer has ensured that there are deliberate efforts to wow players with its visuals thanks to a bright palette of colors and a glittering array of golden symbols that would not be found elsewhere.

When you look at the game’s background features, namely the temple that is rightly situated in the heart of the Amazon jungle, you would love to know that it was all intended to wow you. Besides, most of the slot’s classic icons have been given a shiny new makeover to conform to the times we live in.

Why Most Gamers Still Go Back To Chief’s Magic Slots

Did you think the fact that a game is as good to all the people because it is modern? If that is what you think, you are far from being right. As a matter of fact, there is a vast majority of gamers who find it enjoyable to go back to a conservative slot thus would rather stick to it than any other slot.
Although Chief’s Magic Slots features a single payline and three pre-defined paytables, the slot is about as simple as it gets in a slot gaming experience. You do not expect it to have so much in terms of a wild icon or scatter symbol thus is needless to struggle looking for this in Chief’s Magic slots.

 Chief’s Magic Slots

It is however refreshing to note that the game is available to play from between $0.25 to $15 being the highest one can ever use in a single experience. Check this site to ensure the betting ranges are accurate.

Chief’s Magic slots feature a top prize award of 200x your bet for matching three chief icons. However, for this to happen, the player must be betting on the slot’s highest level.

Basic Design

By now, you might beware that Chief’s Magic Slots is more of a conservative slot. As such, both the reels and all the information you need to know about payouts are confined to one screen, the main screen.

It simply means that now players of Chief’s Magic Slots can easily have a look at how the slot works without delving into additional menus an obvious thing with other popular and most sort online slots.
Besides, it is also important to mention that, there are only three buttons included in the game's entire user interface. The three buttons are coin amount, bet max, and coin size.

The other good thing you will find on this slot is that paytables are displayed at the right side of the screen and players will notice that the amounts that can be won increase the more the machine senses an increase on the activity on the spin.

That basically means that when playing with one coin, you'll win a maximum of 150x your bet. However, things will change for even better and great things when you up it to three coins. This time, you are entitled to 200x your bet.

Visual Impressions

There is really not much one can expect from how the slot looks like. As mentioned in preceding paragraphs, when it comes to visuals and graphics, Chief's Magic slots keeps it traditional. The same can be said about symbols that feature on its 3 reels.

Do not also forget that Chief’s Magic Slots is indeed a single-screen slot. Because of that, it is not insane when in this slot you’ll see a Native American chief in full headdress, standing in front of a mountainous landscape as its background.

But there is something that has always sounded good to gamers. Chief’s Magic slots has one of the beautiful increasing sequences when it comes to gaining the real profits.
For instance, look at the following sequence:

  • 3 single BAR logos will give gamers a payout of up to 3x
  • 3 double BAR logos will yield to up to 5x the amount of .bet
  • 3 triple BAR logos will result to 10x the amount of your bet
As you might have noticed, there is almost double increment in the value of the number of BAR logos available.

Find More Joy When You Play On The Improved Chief’s Fortune Slots

Anyone who has ever played games online can say with all possible certainty that some sequel games come with added features that enhance how the slot looks like than their predecessors. That can also be said of Chief’s Fortune slots, an online video slot that is quite an improvement from Chief’s Magic that was done some years ago. However, you might ask, what has changed? Do you expect a much more engaging video slot than what you did with Chief’s Magic? Granted, there is quite an improvement on this slot when compared with Chief’s Magic.

It would be wise anyway when we delve so much into what has improved on this slot. That way, it is easy to know what you missed or still misses when you play Chief’s Magic. To start with, more color visual impression and general graphics have improved. But as you may beware, there weren't really many changes on the basics of this slot such as the user interface.

Microgaming, the developer of this online video slot, saw it safe to add a brand new wild feature that cannot be found on Chief’s Magic. There is also the issue of a unique bonus round that you will miss were you to stick to Magic. He has a good point but if you take a look at the review on you may think differently.

However, there might be something that will not look amusing to you especially when it comes to the core design of this slot. You see, this is not really what you’d expect of Microgaming, makers of the world’s renowned and popular online games.

Although it is also imperative to note that quite a lot has been improved especially when it comes to after effects such as sound, more color, graphics and visual impressions in general, the overall argument is that Chief’s Fortune slots are necessary.

More Improvements from the original Chief’s Magic slot

Chief’s Fortune Slots

Although not much has changed from the original Chief’s Magic slot, the player will quickly notice that a few adjustments that have been done have created a profound effect on the way the slots looks. For instance, it is easy to see that in Chief’s Fortune slots, all the important features that matter to the gamer have been nicely tweaked at the interface.

Now, then it was before, you can read all information regarding reels, payout tables and every other detail about symbols right on the screen. This ready, viewable and accessible information improves the slots’ performance.

There is even more. Although Chief’s Fortune slots feature the same number of buttons that are so far adjustable, which allow gamers to choose to play between different coin sizes and the betting amount, a lot more can be said about the biggest prize.

It is now evident that the main change is when Microgaming decided to add to the slot the amount one could earn as the ultimate prize. Now, the jackpot is at a whopping 2, 000 coins! The other thing you might find interesting is that now, the chief symbol of this slot is the Wild symbol, which substitutes all other icons on the slot.

Pragmatic Play Casinos Release Pixie Wings Slots

Pixie Wings Slots
Pragmatic Play is once more earnest about their interest in giving gamers what they feel is right for some time now, online gamers have had a chance to enjoy a 50-pay line slot machine that has been characterized by rather weird symbols. It has been said that this game is all filled with fun and all manner of fantasy. Perhaps, that is why the game is loved by a small generation.

With a total of 50 pay lines, Pragmatic Play, the makers of this slot know that the number of pay lines will not only fascinate gamers because of the number but also offer a kind of assurance in advance that anybody playing the slot with hopes of winning will never be heartbroken.

Additional features such as bonuses, free spins and lots of entertaining little bonus games, Pixie Wings slots will appeal to all that have a willing heart to enjoy the slot.  Besides, with an RTP of 96.51%, all gamers whether returning or just started to play online slots will be assured of a resounding new win on this slot.

Quality Features

Other good things have made many people love this video slot. The fact that Pixie Wings slots come with five reels does not make any difference with other favorite games be it by the same developer of any other.

Many gamers who upon playing the slot for the first time, were fascinated by a perfect blend of colors that are evidence in various parts of the slot, confirm that indeed the online slot is so far the best.

A closer look at the reels can reveal that they are full of the battling royal pixies that are each desperate for the throne, while any remaining symbols are pretty much just the standard playing card types that dominate some online slots. It is unreasonable that one can complain about the graphics, sound effects and most importantly the overall visual impressions.

Many have confirmed that the smoothness of the reels is superb and there seem to be no glitches in the software, at least according to professional gamers and various slot analysts Discover this info here or continue reading this article. You can also find quite a lot by looking at the user interface that is extremely beautiful and tidy while you also have a pull-down menu that will navigate you to other pages within the same slot such as the handy paytable.

Pixie Wings Slots Has Real Gaming

It is not in any way a hard thing for you to win. As long as there is a determination, and a continues spinning process, you’ll be assured of getting inches closer to prominent symbols that are only waiting for you to trigger them. It is after this that you will land on big and more major prizes.

Although there may be many symbols and characters on Pixie Wings slots, two should be considered necessary namely, the Wild and the Bonus symbols.

The Wild symbol, which is perhaps the most valuable character in this slot virtually, substitutes for any other symbol but except the bonus feature.

Notable Austria Casinos Online With Mobile Apps

As you may beware by now, Austria, a country in central Europe is filled with people who speak the German language. According to the last population census from Austria, there are approximately 8.7 million people in Austria. With Italy bordering Austria from the south and several other neighboring countries, such as Slovakia, Hungary, Czech Republic, Germany, and Slovenia, having no problem with gambling, you can expect many people from Austria to enjoy playing online slots entirely.

What Is The Austria Casinos Online With Mobile Apps?

Coincidentally, these people love to play online slots for real money, and it is never a hard thing to find Austria casinos that offer reputable games. To help you reinforce your search, here are some mobile casinos that you may want to consider: Click here to find the best Austria casinos online or read the list below.

  • UK Casino Club Microgaming that offers a jackpot of $700
  • Slot joint Casino that gives gamers $1, 000
  • Slots Capital Casino, which gives $2, 777
  • Black Diamond Casino that generously gives $5, 000
  • Spartan Slots Casino with $5, 000
  • Vegas Crest Casino that gives $2, 510
  • Uptown Aces Casino, which issues $8, 888
Austria Casinos Online With Mobile Apps

Did you think that there are no land-based casinos in Austria? If that is what you think, you are far from being right. In fact, there are more than enough land-based casinos in Austria.

You may, however, ask what of those that live outside Austria? Well, if it happens that you do not live in Austria but would want to earn real money, you can search for a mobile casino gambling site by running European casinos.

Austria Casinos

Currently, there are a total of 29 gaming facilities that have the legal right to offer .gambling services across Austria. All these 29 gaming establishments are spread across some 24 cities and major towns.

Locals and foreigners who check in various gaming facilities in Austria can choose to enjoy whatever game that is offered by the respective service.

Most of the land0-based casinos in Austria offer the following types of gaming:

Horse racing
Sporting events that include football
Various table games
Slot machines

If you live, stay and work in Austria, you are at liberty to walk to any of the 29 land-based casinos and enjoy your preferred game. Alternatively, you can find many other legal online options to enjoy your game from.

The most important thing is that gambling is legal in Austria whether you choose to do it from a gaming facility made of brick and mortar or you enjoy it via an online portal.

For instance, the biggest gambling facility in Austria is Innsbruck with a total of three leg casinos from where gambling enthusiasts from around the country flock to enjoy their favorite casino games.
As for a land-based gaming facility, Casino Bregenz is so far the largest gaming facility in the whole country. The facility boasts 295 slot machines and some seven poker tables. Unfortunately, the service does not offer table games.

Finding The Best Online Casino By Country

Currently, at least every country in the world has online casino sites that offer their citizens with popular and accredited games. Because of this reason, it is rather hard to find the ideal site that you are looking for if you search haphazardly. We are going to tell you how to find the best online casino by country.

Where Can I Find The Best Online Casino By Country?

However, with a more candid approach, you can locate best online casinos by country at PlaySlots4RealMoney.  Our review of these countries, however, reveals to you an individual player what you need to look for in an online casino site.

Among the things you need to focus on are whether or not the site offers your preferred games, are there general or special bonuses on the location and what the casino does when it comes to making payouts. Additionally, there are several other things that you’re going to need are far as bonuses and as far as what real players have said concerning the site.

Our review covers virtually all countries including those that have legalized gambling recently such as China. But we also focus on other countries that take gambling severe and where online gaming is one of the primary sources of revenue.

Our reviews cover among other things latest news on gaming, casino ratings, customer reviews, bonuses and other special features that go in line with all sorts of gambling. Among the countries that are given prominence on this site include

  • Canada
  • USA
  • The UK
  • Australia
  • France
Best Online Casino By Country

The primary objective is to help all sorts of people especially online slot enthusiasts to find legal online casinos by country to play. Play games there as long as they are on the Internet for real money so that they can get paid when they win cash out just like they would if they were lucky to do so in brick and mortar facilities.

Where To Start

Although it might sound an easy thing to search for an online casino as long as you can access the internet, there is much more that might be needed.  Online gaming professionals advise that it is a prudent move to try and understand gambling laws in your respective country before you finally decide to place your bet on a specific online casino.

Do not take this point for granted. In recent years even months, various countries and states have come up different legislations regulating various forms of gambling, and there is a possibility that you may not beware of such new laws. It is on this same note that you need to contact a local attorney who might be conversant with gambling laws. He or she will be glad to assist you.

For instance, you may have the knowledge that it is legal to use your mobile phone or any other portable device for that matter to access best online casinos with the intent of making real money in the United Kingdom, Poland, and Italy.

On the other hand, things are quite different in France, a country that is not far from the UK and that it is in Europe. That is why we insist that you need to understand own gambling laws while searching for online casinos by country.

Enjoy Cherry Red Slots, A Single Payline Slot With A Difference

It is a good thing to take part in playing an online slot that although you are aware that it has a limitation, on the one hand, the weakness is filled on the other end. That is exactly what happens with Cherry Red Slots, an online video slot that has been criticized by a section of professional online gamblers who feel that the slot lacks substantive features that would give it an upper hand otherwise. Produced by Microgaming, the world number one online gaming developer, Cherry Red slots is indeed full of classical feel. But even as some may feel that the game lacks a modern touch, there are specific things that make it stand out.

Where Can I Play & Win Cherry Red Slots Online?

Precisely, Cherry Red Slots does not feature key things that are common in modern slots such as special bonuses that currently dominate most online slots, free and generous spins and even lacks some general bonuses that various slots are given players. But even as many people say that this is not applicable, there is something unique about Cherry Red slots at PlaySlots4RealMoney that will make you start seeing the slots as the others or more than them.

Cherry Red Slots
Let us start with the beautiful thing about this slot. For many people, it is easy to boost your winnings thanks to a rewarding wild cherry symbol that will multiply winnings by up to 4x the normal payout value.

Although Cherry Red slots come in a single pay line and that there are only three reels, those who manage to come winners go home smiling with a whopping 1, 600 coins. The other thing that keeps fascinating players to this 3-reeled slot is that the game is given plenty of color than most slots of its caliber. In fact, only a few of the clients who have taken time to understand this slot can aptly understand the real value of the game.

Apart from that, there are those players who until date feel that it is a privilege for the slot to have its pay table shown beside the reels and presented in yellow green, purple and red.
But after talking of some of the most outstanding features that you are likely to love, it is a rather rough time to say what may be seen by many as deliberate setbacks.

While many modern games come with exceptional and unique features, Cherry Red slots do not to care about how it looks like. In fact, Microgaming does not seem to care about the right visual presentation of Cherry Red slots. Granted, there may have bright colors that help in presenting the slot with a nice final touch. But what is the need for a reputable gaming company like Microgaming trying to achieve by designing a single pay line 3-reeled slot with beautiful classical characters but presenting them in 2D cartoon-like symbols?

Anyway, the best thing about this slot is that unlike other modern slots, Cherry Red Slots Wild symbol substitutes all other symbols on this whole slot thus making it easy for gamers making it to the top prize of 1, 600 coins.

Monday, September 4, 2017

Score On The Go Playing Free Casino Games With Online Slots Bonuses

Are you ready to score on the go while you play the best online casino games free with the biggest online slots bonuses on the Internet?  Scoring on the go is another way of saying "Win" if you did not understand.   We have some great online slots bonuses for you that you can use for many other types of mobile casino games like specialty and table games.

Where Can I Find The Best Online Slots Bonuses?

The best places to find the biggest online slots bonuses are online casino review sites like  They have honest reviews with updated bonus codes and coupons that offer larger rewards than other review sites and the official casino site.  Check this out If you are interested in slots and keno bonuses, we are going to tell you about them shortly. The bonus deal we are going to tell you about does not offer rewards for playing online slot machines, table games, only specialty games like keno.

Start Winning Big Cash Every Wednesday With No Deposit Casino Bonus Codes

Online Slots Bonuses

Every Wednesday this Month at Win A Day casino bonus coupon codes.  There is no deposit required as long as you sign for the Win A Day casino site by heading over to the Play Slots 4 Real Money site.  The Winaday casino is here to help players build up their real money casino betting bankroll every Wednesday.  Will you be the next person that gets big online slots bonuses from WinADay casino?

Wednesday is commonly known as hump day in the United Kingdom and all across the world.  The middle of the week can be redundant as you may be looking forward to spending time with family and friends over the weekend.   The great thing is that you can claim two extra online slots bonuses every Wednesday this month with the Wednesday Wins bonus rewards.
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Use the bonus coupon code WEDWINS80 after signing up for Win A  Day casino through Play Slots 4 Real Money. This bonus code will add an extra eighty percent to your deposits for all slots, progressive jackpot games, and keno. Are you someone that enjoys playing table games like video poker?

Will that help lighten up your middle of the week blues?  Everybody looks forward to time off of work on the weekend. The bonus deal helps you get through your workday by giving you some extra cash to play online casino games with.  Imagine winning big cash on a Wednesday and looking forward to spending your money over the weekend!

Enter the WinADay casino no deposit coupon code WEDWINS40 before you make a deposit and let customer service know that Play Slots 4 Real Money sent you over.  This bonus deal will add forty percent to deposit for progressive jackpot games, slots, keno, plus video poker.

There are some terms and conditions you should be aware of before claiming this online slots bonus.  The WinADay casino bonus deal is valid every Wednesday in September 2017 for real money wagering games only.  The bonus money has to be wagered at least fourteen times before cashing out.

Get A Chance To Eat Junk Food And Mingle By Playing Chain Mail Slots

It is unlikely that there is a person who would be invited by the king to a well-organized party and only turns down the invitation. Nobody can imagine that scenario playing Chain Mail Slots for money. Interestingly, all that are invited by the king will have a chance to mingle with friends, relatives who travel from a far-away distance within the kingdom.

Discover The Best Online Casinos To Play Chain Mail Slots On The Go

This is perhaps what Chain Mail Slots speaks of in part. The slot seeks to emphasize on what is found and what happens during the feast that is organized by the kind who invites among other people, village idiots. The aim of the king in the slot is to give people of his kingdom a chance to eat and mingle. The 5-reeled Microgaming slot comes with 20 pay lines, which are considered a fair way of walking home with some substantive amount of prizes. Read the full Chain Mail Slots review over here.

But you may be surprised to learn that with kingship and royalty, it doesn’t mean that the kind of food that will be served is nutritious. The truth is that the food might be delicious but lacks critical nutritional values that are essential to the human body. Nonetheless, all that are invited ensure that they enjoy the food irrespective of what it has.

Microgaming has provided that these games show exactly what happens during such famous kingly banquets. In fact, the following symbols are an utter description of the kind of ‘junk’ food that is found in such feasts. Look at some of the symbols that are found on Chain Mail slots:

  • Ice cream cones
  • Ice cream bars
  • Deep fried chicken
  • Pizza
  • Skewer kebabs
Chain Mail Slots

As you may beware, all the above-mentioned foods are classified as junk. After all, what is nutritious in a chocolate bar, ice cream cones, and pizza among others? Yes, what is more, when it comes to payouts, those symbols do not make it to high payments. Perhaps, that is the reason why the developer came up with another tier of symbols whose value is far much more than the initial five types of foods.

The other four symbols that are considered highest-paying are:

  • A horse
  • A mail man who is dressed in armor that is so far shining
  • The princess of the castle
  • A mailbox

Out of all the symbols whether they belong to the former or latter tier is the Chain Mail slots’ wild symbol. It is encouraging to learn that if you happen to have 5 of these symbols in any active reel, you will stand a chance to win 6000x the amount of coins that you spent on a single bet.

Many gamers have seen that for them to start off well, they only need to select how many pay lines they would want to play on. The process of doing that will open the way for you to click on the ‘Select Lines.' But if you do not understand a thing, why not select View Payout Link on your screen?