Tuesday, September 5, 2017

Why Most Gamers Still Go Back To Chief’s Magic Slots

Did you think the fact that a game is as good to all the people because it is modern? If that is what you think, you are far from being right. As a matter of fact, there is a vast majority of gamers who find it enjoyable to go back to a conservative slot thus would rather stick to it than any other slot.
Although Chief’s Magic Slots features a single payline and three pre-defined paytables, the slot is about as simple as it gets in a slot gaming experience. You do not expect it to have so much in terms of a wild icon or scatter symbol thus is needless to struggle looking for this in Chief’s Magic slots.

 Chief’s Magic Slots

It is however refreshing to note that the game is available to play from between $0.25 to $15 being the highest one can ever use in a single experience. Check this site to ensure the betting ranges are accurate.

Chief’s Magic slots feature a top prize award of 200x your bet for matching three chief icons. However, for this to happen, the player must be betting on the slot’s highest level.

Basic Design

By now, you might beware that Chief’s Magic Slots is more of a conservative slot. As such, both the reels and all the information you need to know about payouts are confined to one screen, the main screen.

It simply means that now players of Chief’s Magic Slots can easily have a look at how the slot works without delving into additional menus an obvious thing with other popular and most sort online slots.
Besides, it is also important to mention that, there are only three buttons included in the game's entire user interface. The three buttons are coin amount, bet max, and coin size.

The other good thing you will find on this slot is that paytables are displayed at the right side of the screen and players will notice that the amounts that can be won increase the more the machine senses an increase on the activity on the spin.

That basically means that when playing with one coin, you'll win a maximum of 150x your bet. However, things will change for even better and great things when you up it to three coins. This time, you are entitled to 200x your bet.

Visual Impressions

There is really not much one can expect from how the slot looks like. As mentioned in preceding paragraphs, when it comes to visuals and graphics, Chief's Magic slots keeps it traditional. The same can be said about symbols that feature on its 3 reels.

Do not also forget that Chief’s Magic Slots is indeed a single-screen slot. Because of that, it is not insane when in this slot you’ll see a Native American chief in full headdress, standing in front of a mountainous landscape as its background.

But there is something that has always sounded good to gamers. Chief’s Magic slots has one of the beautiful increasing sequences when it comes to gaining the real profits.
For instance, look at the following sequence:

  • 3 single BAR logos will give gamers a payout of up to 3x
  • 3 double BAR logos will yield to up to 5x the amount of .bet
  • 3 triple BAR logos will result to 10x the amount of your bet
As you might have noticed, there is almost double increment in the value of the number of BAR logos available.

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