Tuesday, September 5, 2017

The City Of Gold Slots, A Classical Video Game With A Difference

City Of Gold Slot
Why would anyone modern want to go back to a classic video slot and betray what has been created for the modern online gaming community? That is a good and noble question that would only be answered in one word, ‘quality.' That what an online gamer would always go back to look for from a seemingly medieval online slot that too many it would be a waste of time. It has been said that of all Microgaming and other online gaming projects, City of Gold slots stands out as the best with a prize of 1, 600 coins.

Where Can I Play City Of Gold Slots Free On The Go?

This usually is not the case when talking about an online slot that has a single pay line and three reels.  In most cases, the top prize is way too little than what we are witnessing on this. Besides, this slot gives gamers a chance to place their bet using very affordable rate of $0.25 to $10 being ten highest ever someone can ever use on a single bet. Click this link here now to get free spins to play the City Of Gold slot machine.

This mechanism has been described as the ingenious way of giving gamers more ways to win than in a standard retro slot machine thanks to the presence of multiplier wilds and several easy-to-match payout combinations as is the case with several other slots. It is true that betting values in City of Gold vary from $0.25 to $10. But the real button that players will want to pay attention to is the coin amount.

This has a profound effect on their playing of this game as they can access a new and improved payout table when playing with a second coin. Additionally, the values for all winning pay lines in both this paytable and the one-coin version are always on the display that is located on the right side of the reels.

This is obviously a deliberate orchestration to make the game’s rules incredibly straightforward and easy to follow. All players will do good to understand that they do not expect some strange developments on this slot. As such, it is prudent to comprehend that because the City of Gold Slots is made up of a single pay line, they will only be expecting prizes on the spaces that are located at the center of all the three reels.

However, with the presence of golden bowl wilds, gamers will certainly be happy to learn that it will not be so hard to make it especially in their bid to match three-of-a-kind combinations. City of Gold slot’s wild symbols also has a multiplier effect, when they help in the doubling of any payout when one is substituted and quadrupling it when two are featured in a winning combination as part of the threshold.

Granted, City of Gold Slots is a classic video slot with several ancient features. But that is different when it comes to entertaining gamers. In fact, then the developer has ensured that there are deliberate efforts to wow players with its visuals thanks to a bright palette of colors and a glittering array of golden symbols that would not be found elsewhere.

When you look at the game’s background features, namely the temple that is rightly situated in the heart of the Amazon jungle, you would love to know that it was all intended to wow you. Besides, most of the slot’s classic icons have been given a shiny new makeover to conform to the times we live in.

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