Friday, September 8, 2017

Virtual Reality Therapy, A Good Thing To Quebec Lottery Winners, Says Loto-Quebec, JRF

Loto-Quebec, in conjunction with Jasmine Roy Foundation, has teamed up to avail virtual reality therapy to Quebec lottery winners.  This artistic innovation is aimed at helping lottery winners who have attained a given amount of money through their jackpot. According to the organizers of this virtual reality therapy, those targeted must be winners of $25, 000 and above. The organizers say that the number of such winners might be around 1, 500 each year.

Their move comes at a time when people are dreaming of a rather new way of using virtual reality. Every day, many people are talking about how they will use virtual reality in their ways.
It is unfortunate that this has affected other areas such as education, healthcare, art, storytelling, immersive journalism and even engineering. In fact, there could be many other faculties people are trying on.
Virtual Reality Therapy, A Good Thing To Quebec Lottery Winners, Says Loto-Quebec, JRF

However, the latest innovation is aimed at completely reducing the use of virtual reality that comes with winning lots of money this will stop any form of bullying that might come as a result of becoming a jackpot winner.

What Happens After Winning

It is hard to say what happens to Quebec lottery winners aptly. However, looking at what has happened to lottery winners in the past, it is easy to say that it is a hard situation. Lottery winners find themselves between a hard place and a rock immediately after the lottery winner is announced. According to recent findings, lottery winner finds themselves making hard and at times unreasonable decisions immediately after becoming jackpot winners. This brings winners endless problems. Take a look at this recommended site for more details.

LeCompte says that winners will always find themselves in a dilemma, “It is a tough thing for lottery winners especially after they are announced on media and appear in popular newspapers and magazines. Many people show up to congratulate the winner. They can be their mother, sister, loved ones including relatives, colleagues, and pushy friends. But after congratulating the winner, it is not a hard thing to hear one of them, a very close family member, maybe a sister, brother or mother say that they have dreamt of owning a condo in Florida, Miami or any other suburb.”

According to the organizers of the virtual reality therapy, no one is obliged to take it. However, the organizers strongly feel that it is necessary for winners of big money.  In fact, that is the reason why they haven’t invited the winner of small amounts of money.

“It is true that winning a jackpot has different effects on different people. However, the fact is that once a player becomes a winner, he/ she is forced to make difficult financial and emotional decisions. At times, without proper consultation, which usually is the case, winners find themselves plunged into problems that are very difficult to get over,” says LeCompte. Interestingly, the virtual reality therapy has received its first user, a man who just won $500, 000 on a mobile jackpot. The player picked up his prize last Wednesday.

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