Tuesday, September 5, 2017

Find More Joy When You Play On The Improved Chief’s Fortune Slots

Anyone who has ever played games online can say with all possible certainty that some sequel games come with added features that enhance how the slot looks like than their predecessors. That can also be said of Chief’s Fortune slots, an online video slot that is quite an improvement from Chief’s Magic that was done some years ago. However, you might ask, what has changed? Do you expect a much more engaging video slot than what you did with Chief’s Magic? Granted, there is quite an improvement on this slot when compared with Chief’s Magic.

It would be wise anyway when we delve so much into what has improved on this slot. That way, it is easy to know what you missed or still misses when you play Chief’s Magic. To start with, more color visual impression and general graphics have improved. But as you may beware, there weren't really many changes on the basics of this slot such as the user interface.

Microgaming, the developer of this online video slot, saw it safe to add a brand new wild feature that cannot be found on Chief’s Magic. There is also the issue of a unique bonus round that you will miss were you to stick to Magic. He has a good point but if you take a look at the review on PlaySlots4RealMoney.com you may think differently.

However, there might be something that will not look amusing to you especially when it comes to the core design of this slot. You see, this is not really what you’d expect of Microgaming, makers of the world’s renowned and popular online games.

Although it is also imperative to note that quite a lot has been improved especially when it comes to after effects such as sound, more color, graphics and visual impressions in general, the overall argument is that Chief’s Fortune slots are necessary.

More Improvements from the original Chief’s Magic slot

Chief’s Fortune Slots

Although not much has changed from the original Chief’s Magic slot, the player will quickly notice that a few adjustments that have been done have created a profound effect on the way the slots looks. For instance, it is easy to see that in Chief’s Fortune slots, all the important features that matter to the gamer have been nicely tweaked at the interface.

Now, then it was before, you can read all information regarding reels, payout tables and every other detail about symbols right on the screen. This ready, viewable and accessible information improves the slots’ performance.

There is even more. Although Chief’s Fortune slots feature the same number of buttons that are so far adjustable, which allow gamers to choose to play between different coin sizes and the betting amount, a lot more can be said about the biggest prize.

It is now evident that the main change is when Microgaming decided to add to the slot the amount one could earn as the ultimate prize. Now, the jackpot is at a whopping 2, 000 coins! The other thing you might find interesting is that now, the chief symbol of this slot is the Wild symbol, which substitutes all other icons on the slot.

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