Saturday, September 9, 2017

Congratulations To Big Winner At Miami Club Vegas Casino

There was a very big winner at the Miami Club Vegas casino last month. We would like to take the time to congratulate Kasey R, a player at Miami Club Vegas casino.  Miami Club is one of the few online casinos that accept the Bitcoin virtual currency that is powered by Vegas Technology.  Kasey R was playing the new Ultimate 10X three-reel slot machine game at Miami Club Vegas casino on August 28, 2017.  She got lucky by triggering the random progressive jackpot, which was climbing when she won over ten thousand dollars playing with less than one dollar!

Win Ten Thousand Dollars Betting One Dollar Playing Las Vegas Slot Machines

August 28, 2017, was a beautiful day for Kasey R, who was playing the new Ultimate 10X three-reel slot machine game for real money.  The new Ultimate 10X three-reel slot machine game has been top-rated at all the online casinos with Vegas Technology at   Kasey R was wagering twenty-five cents and had a thirty-eight dollar balance when she got lucky and struck it rich hitting the random progressive jackpot for the new Ultimate 10X three-reel slot machine game.

Hit The Progressive Jackpot Playing Las Vegas Style Slot Machines On The Go

When hitting the progressive jackpot, Kasey R won exactly a $10,260 from a seventy-five cent wager. That is right! She was only betting seven-five cents and won over ten thousand dollars.  The great thing was that she was playing with the Bitcoin digital currency, which made it easy for her to cash out the $10,260 in one shot!

Vegas Technology and Wager Gaming Solutions (WGS) power the new Ultimate 10X three-reel slot machine game and all mobile casino games at Miami Club casino.  Kasey R was interviewed about the Miami Club casino, and she told the customer service representative that she has been playing online slot machines for real money and with Bitcoin at Miami Club casino for about one year.

Big Winner At Miami Club Vegas Casino

She stated that she enjoys the games and has fun with the new releases, but she never thought that she would be a progressive jackpot winner.  She never considered herself to be a high roller or play high limit slots on the Internet for that matter. Her exact words were “I wouldn’t consider myself a high roller; I just play for fun; I don’t like to take too many risks with my bets” She said she is more of a penny slot machine player and never expected to strike it lucky and win over ten thousand dollars.

We love to hear about the people that win the progressive jackpots at all real money casinos.  It is nice to see someone so happy because she received her money, which was over ten thousand dollars in less than one week after she won the progressive jackpot.  Most online casinos will string you along and try to get you to play down the balance, but Miami Club casino lived up to their word as a highly trusted online casino.

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