Tuesday, September 5, 2017

Enjoy Cherry Red Slots, A Single Payline Slot With A Difference

It is a good thing to take part in playing an online slot that although you are aware that it has a limitation, on the one hand, the weakness is filled on the other end. That is exactly what happens with Cherry Red Slots, an online video slot that has been criticized by a section of professional online gamblers who feel that the slot lacks substantive features that would give it an upper hand otherwise. Produced by Microgaming, the world number one online gaming developer, Cherry Red slots is indeed full of classical feel. But even as some may feel that the game lacks a modern touch, there are specific things that make it stand out.

Where Can I Play & Win Cherry Red Slots Online?

Precisely, Cherry Red Slots does not feature key things that are common in modern slots such as special bonuses that currently dominate most online slots, free and generous spins and even lacks some general bonuses that various slots are given players. But even as many people say that this is not applicable, there is something unique about Cherry Red slots at PlaySlots4RealMoney that will make you start seeing the slots as the others or more than them.

Cherry Red Slots
Let us start with the beautiful thing about this slot. For many people, it is easy to boost your winnings thanks to a rewarding wild cherry symbol that will multiply winnings by up to 4x the normal payout value.

Although Cherry Red slots come in a single pay line and that there are only three reels, those who manage to come winners go home smiling with a whopping 1, 600 coins. The other thing that keeps fascinating players to this 3-reeled slot is that the game is given plenty of color than most slots of its caliber. In fact, only a few of the clients who have taken time to understand this slot can aptly understand the real value of the game.

Apart from that, there are those players who until date feel that it is a privilege for the slot to have its pay table shown beside the reels and presented in yellow green, purple and red.
But after talking of some of the most outstanding features that you are likely to love, it is a rather rough time to say what may be seen by many as deliberate setbacks.

While many modern games come with exceptional and unique features, Cherry Red slots do not to care about how it looks like. In fact, Microgaming does not seem to care about the right visual presentation of Cherry Red slots. Granted, there may have bright colors that help in presenting the slot with a nice final touch. But what is the need for a reputable gaming company like Microgaming trying to achieve by designing a single pay line 3-reeled slot with beautiful classical characters but presenting them in 2D cartoon-like symbols?

Anyway, the best thing about this slot is that unlike other modern slots, Cherry Red Slots Wild symbol substitutes all other symbols on this whole slot thus making it easy for gamers making it to the top prize of 1, 600 coins.

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