Monday, September 4, 2017

Get A Chance To Eat Junk Food And Mingle By Playing Chain Mail Slots

It is unlikely that there is a person who would be invited by the king to a well-organized party and only turns down the invitation. Nobody can imagine that scenario playing Chain Mail Slots for money. Interestingly, all that are invited by the king will have a chance to mingle with friends, relatives who travel from a far-away distance within the kingdom.

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This is perhaps what Chain Mail Slots speaks of in part. The slot seeks to emphasize on what is found and what happens during the feast that is organized by the kind who invites among other people, village idiots. The aim of the king in the slot is to give people of his kingdom a chance to eat and mingle. The 5-reeled Microgaming slot comes with 20 pay lines, which are considered a fair way of walking home with some substantive amount of prizes. Read the full Chain Mail Slots review over here.

But you may be surprised to learn that with kingship and royalty, it doesn’t mean that the kind of food that will be served is nutritious. The truth is that the food might be delicious but lacks critical nutritional values that are essential to the human body. Nonetheless, all that are invited ensure that they enjoy the food irrespective of what it has.

Microgaming has provided that these games show exactly what happens during such famous kingly banquets. In fact, the following symbols are an utter description of the kind of ‘junk’ food that is found in such feasts. Look at some of the symbols that are found on Chain Mail slots:

  • Ice cream cones
  • Ice cream bars
  • Deep fried chicken
  • Pizza
  • Skewer kebabs
Chain Mail Slots

As you may beware, all the above-mentioned foods are classified as junk. After all, what is nutritious in a chocolate bar, ice cream cones, and pizza among others? Yes, what is more, when it comes to payouts, those symbols do not make it to high payments. Perhaps, that is the reason why the developer came up with another tier of symbols whose value is far much more than the initial five types of foods.

The other four symbols that are considered highest-paying are:

  • A horse
  • A mail man who is dressed in armor that is so far shining
  • The princess of the castle
  • A mailbox

Out of all the symbols whether they belong to the former or latter tier is the Chain Mail slots’ wild symbol. It is encouraging to learn that if you happen to have 5 of these symbols in any active reel, you will stand a chance to win 6000x the amount of coins that you spent on a single bet.

Many gamers have seen that for them to start off well, they only need to select how many pay lines they would want to play on. The process of doing that will open the way for you to click on the ‘Select Lines.' But if you do not understand a thing, why not select View Payout Link on your screen?

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