Monday, August 21, 2017

Go To Another Galaxy With Astronomical Slots

Astronomical Slots Review

Microgaming are known to create several nice video slots that give players ample time to enjoy their candid online gambling experience.That is exactly what they did some 18 years ago when they came up with Astronomical slots, a type of video slot that emphasizes on the search of hidden treasures. Although there are many video slots that have been created under the theme ‘hidden treasures’, this is so far the best microgaming casino slot that takes the search of hidden treasures into a totally different direction.

This time, the treasures are carefully hidden very far away from the environs of human kind, the outer space. Needless to say, Astronomical slots is a video slot, which gives many players a reason to continue playing.  It is true that it is more of a classical video slot, having been created nearly 20 years ago but the video slot still remains one of the best microgaming casino online.

Although it might sound as if it is a mere joke, the game is the young people’s favorite. They say that it presents its features in a more appealing manner than most of the contemporary video slots with the same setting. There is however one major setback that you might find inappropriate. Astronomical slots only comes with a single payline that is fixed.  That gives players an extremely slim chance of making it to the wins. Check out the latest Astronomical slots review from Microgaming casinos,

Players will have to choose how to go about playing but it has to be either using one, two or three coins on each spin. At the end of the, the number of coins you decide to use on each spin will determine what you’ll achieve.

After deciding how many coins you’ll place per spin, there will be a light that appears in different positions on the screen that points to the gamer the kind of reward they’d be expecting to win. At least that gives gamers a glimpse of the game.

Astronomical Slots Concentrate on Symbol Combinations

In order to have greater freedom as a player, you must focus on how some specific symbols combine especially on the paytable. For instance, it is imperative to know that when the cheery symbol merge with two other icons, results in the lowest combination. But immediately after that, there are three cherry symbols, which also combine with random icons. All these are major aspects of the game you seriously need to look into.
Go To Another Galaxy With Astronomical Slots

Perhaps the sweetest thing on Astronomical slots is when it appears that the planet symbol combines with the Astronomical logo. This is an incredible part that should fascinate every gamer whose hands are on the game. Because the stakes are so sweet when the game gets to this stage, it is reasonable when you try not to tire so fast as if you have an appointment. Remember that in a bid to make the game look a bit modern, Microgaming have decided to make the logo of the game a wild card. This helps in adding a lot more flavor to the game.

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