Wednesday, September 13, 2017

The 7 Reels Slots Leads To The 243 Ways To Win Series

Do We Really Need 7 Reels Slots? The answer to that question is a reaffirming yes! You see, as the current trend shows that is the way to go. But you will only understand the need for having the 7 reels slots if you go back to the history of slots. Until then, you will not understand why it is important to have even 8th or 10th –reeled slot machine.

Learn How The 7 Reels Slots Leads To The 243 Ways To Win Series

7 Reels Slots

Now, here is a brief quick through from the 1900s, 40s through the 80s. Back those days, the only games available were those that did not even involve reels. See this here if you want to understand how the seven wheel gaming machine lead to the two-hundred forty-three ways of win series.  When the ideal time came, developers advanced to 3 reel slots at least uplifting the lives of those ‘poor’ players who then the only way to enjoy whatever game they wanted was to walk or drive the nearest preferred casino.

With the improved 3-reeled slots, it was now possible for gamers to access games though on 3D or black and white pictures. That has been the only way people who want to enjoy slots can enjoy the game of their choice. Three reeled games offer basic gaming experience, which is far much enough for those that want to win some bonuses though small.

But after sometime, something big and better was released. This time, it was the 5 reel slot. For your information, 5 reels still remain the most popular of all slots the world has ever created.   When the 5 reel slots were first introduced to the market, they really created a buzz. They still do, but why?

They came with fresh approach on virtually everything offering quality graphics thanks to 3D pictures, nice and soothing sound effects, a variety of symbols and signs, different types of matching characters, careful choice of theme and many winning options.  Away from the 5 reeled slots, to now 7 reels slots. This is our discussion although much time has gone to the history in order for you to understand why there is need for 7 reels slots or even more.

Why 7 Reels Slots When 3, 5, 6 Slots Count

There are several reasons why the 7 reels slots have to receive your utmost advocacy. Among the top reasons is the general public’s feeling about the number 7. Gaming developers, who are very serious about their business, know that numerologists and others who believe in pure luck that is associated with the number 7 will also be drawn to the number of ways that this favorite number can combine into winning payouts.

Additionally, looking at the way the games are designed, it is easy to get at least small wins on each of your spins.  It is even more interesting to learn that most of the 7 reel games also feature the number 7 as one of the symbols appearing on the reels, making it easy for many gamers having a burning interest in the slots.

Where To Find 7 Reels Slots

Currently, the only place where we can confirm that you can get to play 7 reels slots are on those sites using software by Real Time Gaming and WGS Technologies. But expect more sites to avail 7 reels slots due to public demand.

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