Tuesday, September 12, 2017

Do 3 Reel Slots Still Exist? Are They Classic Slot Machines?

Should that be a question or a compliment? In fact, to many that still want the answer, it is good to give the topic a little bit background check.  Perhaps, that might even be an answer before the real answer in subsequent lines. Long time ago, which is not really long to some, maybe the 70s, 80s, and early 90s, if anyone wanted to play slots, the only ones he or she could find were 3 reel slots.

There was no other option. That was not a limitation though but an improvement from other forms of gambling that was available back then. Many people were happy to be part of that system and still are because they still can access what they loved in the days of their youth.

You too can be happy to learn that you can find plenty of 3 reel slots anytime you want. In fact, while the only way you could get to play 3 reel slots in the 80s was to go to the gaming facility next to you, today, things are totally different. 3 reel slots are right where you are, in your phone, computer or tablet. That is how good it is to play 3 reel slots, or classic slots for that matter in the 21st century.
3 Reel Slots

So, do not be shocked to learn that there are very many people who instead of looking for more sophisticated modern slots, would prefer to remain ‘conservative’ by playing 3 reel slots that remind them of the good old days when they would walk or drive dopwn the road with family and friends to enjoy 3 reel slots from the adjacent casino.

Moving slightly away from the 3 reel slots, you’d find that now 5 or 7 reel slots are becoming more common and millions of such slots have been downloaded so far.  But that does not have any profound negative effect to how true 3 reel slots’ lovers see things.

In fact, as me mentioned earlier, they’d rather stay with an improved version of what they knew than taking a lot of their valuable time to learn leave alone playing on slots they do not know.

A recent study from this source on the same indicated that 3 reel slots still command a large following. According to the finding, a good percentage of slot gamers prefer a traditional slot machine experience, and the best place to find this in the realm of online casino gaming is to opt for three reel slots.

Where Can I Play 3 Reel Slots For Money Online?

As you will realize, nearly every single online casino site will have a section where you will find all the available 3 reel slots! One of the most popular 3 reel slots you are likely to find is an IGT production known as Double Diamond slots.

Therefore, whatever your age, if you are a true lover of online slots, it is a good thing to take your time to understand how slots started. Who knows what that might lead to whether you will develop immense love for 3 reel slots or even if you do not, you turn away from despising those that always order for the classic slots.

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