Friday, September 15, 2017

Major ESports Betting Gaming Stakeholders Boycott Westgate’s CEC In Las Vegas

A Casino eSports Conference (CEC) that took place last week at Westgate in Las Vegas seemingly lost its meaning after major industry stakeholders from the region showed discontent. According to Ben Fox, one of the organizers of that conference, it was a pity that those that the event was organized for did not show any meaningful interest at all.

Although the conference went on, all was not well because major industry players from the region did not show up. In fact, only a few industry players especially those from the downtown area attended the meeting.

According to Fox, this was a bad picture knowing that the eSports conference was only organized to help discuss further how Nevada casinos can easily get themselves out of the hook of entertaining the under-21ers in their various Nevada casinos.

“It is such a pity that operators from this region have always shown a tendency of making irrational, quicker and easier decisions that finally come back to haunt them. I’m sure they do this because they do not have to answer to the old school hierarchy,” Fox said.
ESports Betting

According to this resource in recent years, eSports has shown a tremendous rise in payouts with several youths benefiting from the program. According to eSports Earnings, a website that is dedicated to following various payout made by various eSports establishments, some $359.7 million have been issued in recent years.

If there is the reason to believe those figures, there is absolutely no doubt that Nevada casinos have no reason at all to object a scheme that would otherwise bring in a lot of revenue to respective host states and municipalities.

But even as the meeting failed to help regional operators of the importance of having various eSports arenas in designated facilities, an eSports space is under construction in Luxor Hotel.
MGM has from the word go shown its total commitment in establishing something that could help curb the habit of under-21ers entering a casino floor without the knowledge of security guards to take part in some forms of gambling that are not permitted and indulging in the drinking of alcohol. This has  always led to various casinos receiving hefty fines.

But even after knowing the importance of these eSports spaces inside their various floors, it is hard to convince local casino investors to create room for these ingenious means of reducing the problem of under-21ers.

Besides, it is as if the operators have not seen the benefit of getting money from a section of the audience that has not been addressed to for many years.

It beats logic that although the under-21ers do not have the money to pay for the hotel rooms for various nights that they may want to visit a casino, they are going to pay for taking part in various eSports.

Hitherto, it is not cleared why a large section of the industry stakeholders from Las Vegas Strip decided to boycott the meeting even after receiving invitations.

However, those that had a chance to attend the last week’s CEC are optimistic that in the end, their colleagues would not have a choice but to come around.

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