Sunday, September 10, 2017

Feel Immense Love By Playing Cutesy Pie Slots

There is love in the air. Anyone can say that with a lot of conviction especially after putting their hands on the latest video slot that goes by the name Cutesy Pie slots. Developed by Microgaming, this new slot is an actual emblem of love and romance in the air.

According to a majority of gaming experts, Cutesy Pie slots is a product that has carried the real feelings of people from the field. Perhaps, that is why the developer is confident that although the slot is a classic game, will be loved by many people. This slot is so classy and beautiful from the outside, but is it really what the game looks and feels like when you finally decide to play?

Everything Cute And Cuddy Playing Cutesy Pie Slots

Although a classic slot, Cutesy Pie slots has been designed in a manner that will no doubt keep you coming back after your debut play. If you dig this review you should check out as there are many more reviews.  That can be easily evidenced from the very first moment you lay eyes on it that love is the theme of this title. It’s like love at first sight if we can speak subjectively.
Cutesy Pie Slots

As part of the principal theme of love, you’ll see an adorable looking Panda as it sits there, waving “Hi!” to you. Wait! There is more than you can learn about the slot from the banner, which looks great as the font is designed in a way that makes it to ‘pop’ off the screen and makes it stand out from the pink background.

By the way, who will ever deny the fact that pink is the exact color that reflects love? What is more, heart candies that carry a cute message on it have been placed right there on the screen as well?

By putting the heart candies next to the banner above the reels, Cutesy Pie slots’ developer, Microgaming is trying to pass one simple message, it doesn’t matter what theme you use to showcase love, but with the right tools and characters, you can make it. So, how is the slot presented? In a more colorful yet simple way, Cutesy Pie Slots is provided in a way that will leave your jaws open.

First, on the top left side of your main screen, you can find three reels, which as you know, is where the action in this game takes place from.

Cutesy Pie Slots’ Symbols

The slots’ symbols have been given the needed care and attention to give the game the best finishing.  Different ‘shines’ here and there make this slot outstanding. Of course, there are several other symbols that you are likely to see such as the heart, bar, double bar, and triple bar. You are also likely to see two different kinds of sevens on the reels.

There is something more about the slots’ user interface that has three primary displays namely coins, bet and win. Besides, beneath each of the three presentations, you will also see buttons that allow you to customize the information that is shown on the upper side of the screen.

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