Thursday, August 31, 2017

Why Cashanova Slots Is Like A Real Casanova

Cashanova Slots Is Like A Real Casanova
You’d love to know that when it comes to choosing what name to give a new slot yet to be released to the market, developers take their time to come up with a name that hardly gets rejected. That is what Microgaming has done all the years it has devoted most of the available time to look for the name they call their latest releases.

It is through those contentious efforts that this renowned gaming developer has decided to come up with Cashanova slots, a unique and blended online slot that will leave your eyes glued to the screen throughout the day. When you read the title of the slot, and you suddenly realize it is Cashanova, it is evident that Casanova should come to your mind.

Granted, the two are linked, but that was not a spelling mistake. This site is a useful reference, while the title could be associated with the real Casanova, where you would expect some traits as love messages, red roses, hearts, cherubs and other romantic expressions to rule the day, things are a bit different with Cashanova slots.

See Why Cashanova Slots Is Like A Real Casanova

It is unfortunate that any of this stuff are not found in this slot. Instead, the star of the show is a rather polite fowl named Roger. It is not a person, a perfect symbol that represents love. In this 5-reeled online video slot that is filled with some 30 pay lines, you will soon realize that the main character, Roger, will stop at nothing until he ensures Henrietta, the possible target in this slot gets full attention from Roger.

On this particular slot, the producer, Microgaming, has indeed introduced a new twist. The theme has been carefully selected to slightly take us from believing that man, who for a long time has been considered the perfect emblem of showing love.

But now with this new twist, Microgaming has demonstrated that they are capable of not only coming up with what is a unique twist on this genre.  They also the determination of improving all aspects with matters regarding  design, which is exceptional in quality that adds up to the enjoyment of the game without becoming too overbearing in the making.

Cashanova Slots Symbols

Symbols on this slot have also been carefully selected with the intention of ensuring Roger is surrounded by the right characters that he can relate with.For instance, some notable characters you are likely to encounter in this slot are HenHouse Magazine copy, fruits that are suggestively arranged, some whipped cream, and champagne. Whether the latter is here to create a mood in Roger that will allow him to make deliberate and bold moves to Henrietta nobody knows. But one thing is certain: Roger is determined to have the hen, which according to Roger is nothing but gorgeous.

Interestingly, you cannot come across in this slot the usual oriental signs that have in recent days been incorporated in many slots with developers believing that it is the ideal way of ensuring all audience ages are taken care of.

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