Monday, August 28, 2017

Prepare To Meet 6 Beautiful Ladies By Playing Bridesmaids Slots

Bridesmaids Slots is an online video slot that is based on Bridesmaids film that was produced a couple of years ago. During its time, many people could not leave their screens for anything more. It was considered important. It is still. In order to ensure as many people as possible get the same feel others got especially those that did not find time to watch the film, Microgaming came u with the idea to create a 40-payline video slot and gave it the right name Bridesmaids Slots.

How Can I Win Money Playing Bridesmaids Slots?

It is ideally important to mention as early as this that Bridesmaids slots is not the same as Bridesmaids slot machine that was designed by IGT. The one at hand is created by Microgaming.

Meet The Bridesmaids

If there is anything good to an online player is finding a character or characters that they can resonate with and actually interact with. Coincidentally, that is what happens when playing Bridesmaids Slots. Here, you will meet with not one not two but 6 extremely beautiful young and fresh ladies by the name bridesmaids. You will even get a chance to know their names thus personally associate with them.

The beauty is that you will even get paid by simply hanging out with these six beautiful bridesmaids. Here are the names of the six ladies who make up the biggest part of symbols on the Bridesmaids slots:

  • Helen
  • Becca
  • Rita
  • Megan
  • Annie
  • Lillian
Bridesmaids Slots
 While it is true that you will get paid for meeting and having a chat with the six models, there will be various other means from which you will receive good credits. There are lots of other bonus games that also pay you well. Some of the bonus games on this slot are listed below:

Scattered Cupcakes, Friendship Free spins, Flying High Free Spins, Wild Bridesmaids, a Wheel Bonus, Magic Moments, Cupcake Bonus and a Boutique Bonus. What is more is that you are eligible for attaining a jackpot, which is worth 105, 000 coins. How much do you think it is going to cost you to start and play on the Bridesmaids Slots? It is encouraging to know that you will only need to use 0.40 coins for all the games that will be played on the game’s 40 active paylines. Check out here to view the full Bridesmaids slot machine review.

There is yet another thing that you are likely to find very encouraging on this slot. During the bonus sessions, you will have plenty of time to interact with the 6 bridesmaids.  And do you know what? You get paid for just meeting with the girls. Besides, meeting with the six ladies will open a chance to you for reviewing some of the clips taken from the film that show some of the isolated cases where the ladies were having total fun. Just know that this slot will give you the decision to decide who to meet with what credits.

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