Sunday, August 27, 2017

What Do You Expect of The Newest Bikini Party Slots?

What Do You Expect of The Newest Bikini Party Slots? Think of this situation: you are walking on an open field and you stumble upon beautiful ladies. Their number when counting gets even bigger.  Yes, they are five very beautiful ladies. What would you do? Would you look on the side assuming you haven’t seen them? It should never be like that. That is what Bikini Party slots present you with: five beautiful and eye-catching ladies who are ready to love and stay with until you finish playing the game.

Play Bikini Slots Online For Free Or Using Real Money

Bikini Party Slots

With that in mind, now you know how and why the ladies on this video slot dress the way they are. Whether it is volleyball they are playing or any other game they would engage in, you know that their beautiful looks come at the fore. Bikini party slots is actually similar wit the sister video slot of Dragon Dance. They are virtually the same in terms of presentation. Besides, they all have a slight change of theme from other video slots that have been drafted with the same series by the same developer, Microgaming. Make sure you read the full article to get all of the information.

There is something you need to know about Bikini Party Slots before you actually make a decision to play it. Although the video slot has some 234 winning ways, and comes in 5 reels, the slot is not like others that come with 4 rows. In fact, Bikini Party slots has only 3 rows that are clearly arranged in between the 5 reels. The other thing that I unique about Bikini party slots, is that Microgaming,  developers of this video slot have made it in a way that allow players to access the game via their mobile devices. This has made it possible for many gamers to actually enjoy the game.

All the five main characters on this video slot are truly hot. Perhaps, no any other girls one would get anywhere in the world were it not the 5 bikini party slots’ sweet girls. The five girls have names and it is until you know the beauty and the name of each lady that you will enjoy the game with personal attachment intact. They like to be refereed by their real names: Daisy, Kitty, Kiki, Honey, a so beautiful name that only lovers call themselves, and Sunny.

When you think of the games’ coin value, you need to start from 0.25 and stretches all the way to 125. Other quality features of this game include the free spins which give a player the ability to win up to 480x per single bet. Each of the five ladies in this slot is regarded high-paying symbol. But the fact is they are not the only ones that will give a player good results. Of course there are other symbols such the 9-Ace symbol that although traditional, will be used to earn you real money.

It is imperative to know that Bikini Party slots is designed with bright colors. Playing the video slot on some devices might pose a challenge especially if you have sensitive eyesight.  For that reason, you might need to wear shades every time you pay Bikini Party slots.

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