Wednesday, August 30, 2017

Bitcoin Hits New Peak And Is Almost At $5,000

It is very exciting to see the investors become the new millionaires and the new Billionaires for that mattter.  Investing in Bitcoin has made people tons of money.  Now there are other virtual currencies like Litecoin and Dodge Coin that investors are starting to put their money in heavily.  The latest virtual currency is Bitcoin Cash.

Is Bitcoin Cash Different Than Bitcoins? 

The Bitcoin virtual currency has hit a new peak over the past month.  People were worried about the cryto currency in July 2017 when Bitcoin Cash came out.  Bitcoin Cash (BCC) is different than the regular Bitcoin (BTC).  Bitcoin Cash does not use Blockchain to process it, which is key to the value of Bitcoin.

Will The Price Of Bitcoin Stay Above $4,000?

What Is A Bit Coin? Learn What Bitcoins Are & How To Use Them

The fact that Bitcoin Cash (BCC) was established last month drove the price of Bitcoin through the roof.  It is now trading at over four thousand five hundred dollars and many financial experts feel it is going to continue to rise as more and more countries are relying on the digital currency.

What Is A Bitcoin?

In Japan residents are encouraged to use Bitcoin to pay utility bills instead of Yen, which is the official Japanese Currency.  I do not understand why but for some reason it creates a benefit for the Japanese company to accept the Bitcoin, perhaps they get their money faster?

I assume most people reading this article about the price of Bitcoin understand what the crypto currency is. Nevertheless I want to give you a resource just in case you want to learn about the virtual currency or have the question "What Is A Bitcoin"?  There is a very good explainer video in the article What Is A Bit Coin? Learn What Bitcoins Are & How To Use Them.

The price of Bitcoin used to depend heavily on the deep web, which is otherwise known as the dark web.  Another factor that brought this virtual currency to the price it is today is gambling, especially online gambling.  The demand for online gambling and the problems with credit cards and PayPal processing transactions paved a way for Bitcoin to become the main online gambling currency to the point where most online casinos accept Bitcoin (BTC) now.

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