Thursday, August 10, 2017

Thunderstruck II Slots Review|How To Play This Online Slot Machine

Thunderstruck II is a continuation of Thunderstruck I, a game that was first developed by Microgaming about 13 years ago. Since that time, a lot has taken place forcing many gaming giants to improve how some of these online slots work. With the introduction of Thunderstruck II slots, you can expect that there are new improvements that were not present in the earlier version. Many players can confirm that the number of wins has increased. Significant changes in both graphics and sound have also been added to the new game, which you can findon this list. Although the game has recorded an increase on those that subscribe to it and spend money playing this game, there is a setback that hits a section of the clients. Players who currently reside in the USA are not eligible to play this online video slot.

Thunderstruck II Slots Notable Features

Thunderstruck II is among those video slots that have a high number of active pay lines. In fact, the video slot has a big 243 active pay lines. Besides, this online slot is based on five reels. With 243 pay lines, you can imagine how that can happen in case you take part in the game. It is interesting to note that this video slot has one of the juiciest bonuses Microgaming has ever come up with. Currently, there is a total of 4 bonuses that players enjoy ones they sign up and meet the necessary threshold.The other unique thing about this game is that it gives players a chance to enjoy the highest value of a progressive jackpot, the like no other video slot has ever offered online.Because it provides some $2.4 million as a progressive jackpot prize for those who attain the mark, Thunderstruck II slots are regarded as a high limit slot machine. However, for one to qualify for the progressive jackpot and win $2.4 million, you have to play the video slot using U.S. dollars. Although the highest prize is only given to those that make deposits in US dollars, you can play this game using any other internationally recognized currencies.

Thunderstruck II Slots Symbols

When busy spinning Thunderstruck II, you will encounter several symbols that matter a lot in your taking part in the game. Some of the important symbols you’re likely to see on your screen include various Nordic gods such as Valkyrie, Thor, Loki, and of course Odin. As you carry on with your spinning endeavor, do not forget that in this online video slot, there are two categories of symbols. They have been classified as essential and general characters that take part in various capacities in the video slot. As you might have seen, the most important symbols that you should take seriously are Thunderstruck II logo, Thor’s Home and Hammer, and the Ship. As you keep on with your game, take a keen consideration of these characters. They matter a lot as they will determine your winning or losing. Do not be surprised to see some traditional symbols and signs that are prevalent on regular cards such as The Queen, The Ace, The 10, The Jack and finally The King.

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