Wednesday, August 9, 2017

Avalon Slot Machine Reviews & Bonuses

 Avalon slots, one of the most popular online slots that has helped players to make real money mobile casino site a serious business in the 21st century, is a Microgaming development. The online video slot is based on a ‘wonder’ land where a King’s sword was made. Read the Availon slots review over here.

 According to the scope of the Avalon slots, King Arthur fought many successful fights that led to several conquests thanks to the sword.However, at one time, Arthur fell ill, and the only way he’d get well to continue with his former vigor was to be taken back to the land where his sword was forged. As you all know, there is absolutely no single sword in the contemporary world will help a war veteran to win several battles.

Can I Win Money Playing Avalon Slots Online

As such, the land of Avalon, where the King’s sword was created seemed ideal for dealing with the King's new setback. With a lot of mystery, the Avalon Slots depicts Avalon land to be the only antidote for the King to be healed after taking part in an unprecedented Battle of Camlann.

Avalon’s Well-Chosen Characters

Just as is the case with the Royal Palaces of the contemporary world, there are things that once you speak of, will be directly associated with the royal family. Although some may not be directly linked to royalty, enough some people will agree that to a greater degree, they belong to the most elite. Some of the things you’d expect to find on the reels of this fascinating video slot are Goblets, Coat of Arms, an emblem of Kingship and royalty that is nearly in every kingdom on earth today, the Crown, which of course is symbol depicting the right of rulership, and The Broach. In every able royal family, there is a box or even boxes that keep the most valuable items. Granted, some may look very tiny thus not all employees in the palace can notice them, but the value surpasses many parcels of land. Yes, there is a Treasure Chest, which has the most valued items of Kind Arthur. Because of the cost of the scope, most of the symbols of this video slot, the value of the generic poker have been carefully crafted to ensure they match with the video slots’ original theme.

Wild Symbols In The Game

The Avalon Slots has two wild symbols that are carefully chosen. The Avalon symbol is so far the first symbol, which in the video slot is enabled to substitute all other symbols except one, The Lady of The Lake. The other wild symbol according to Microgaming is the Treasure Chest. In fact, it is not a wild symbol as such but only turn one when a player is doing the free spins.

Win Big Cash

You can win up to a whopping 30,000 coins courtesy of lining up to 5 Avalon wild symbols on an active pay line. So far, winning some 30, 000 makes Avalon Slots one of the highest paying online video slots Microgaming has ever come up with. What is even better is that with over 3 Lady of The Lake symbols appearing on your screen, you are likely to receive free spins. Further down, for every win during the free spin, the Scatter symbol, which in this case is the Lady of The Lake will award you with the 7X multiplier.

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