Tuesday, August 8, 2017

Borgata Casino Challenges Gemaco Over Phil Ivey’s $10.1 Million Card Sorting Ordeal

Borgata Casino is now threatening to go to court to continue with the
case that has been dragging in the judicial system for close to 5
years now.

The case, which involves online slots card wizard Phil Ivey and his
friend Kelly Sun has been in the New Jersey court approximately 5

In a ruling that was passed in October last year. A New Jersey court
ruled that Phil Ivey and his friend Kelly Sun took a deliberate
manipulation of the cards thus making away with over $10 million from
Borgata Casino.

Although the court found the two culpable of the manipulation or at
least ordered for the manipulation of the Gemaco cards, the duo has
maintained that they acted in accordance to the gaming regulations
thus making real money mobile casino site a way that gave them the
needed money.

After the New Jersey court ruling, Phil and his friend Sun have said
that they are going to appeal claiming that apart from the fact that
luck fell on them, they had the necessary skills and employed wit in
order to land on such money.

However, Borgata is not settling at nothing to ensure they get their
money back. In their latest bid to ensure the duo repay the money
Borgata has announced that it is going to sue Gemaco, the developers
of the cards who even after knowing that the cards had numerous flaws
still placed them at the casino.
In fact, the gaming facility is accusing the card developer of
negligence that is associated with supplying cards that had numerous
defects knowingly.
According to Phil and Sun, there was nothing like flaws in the cards.
They argue that even if there were flaws, only serious and
professional card wizards like them could realize thus winning real
money mobile casino site big money.
The duo agrees that they used ‘edge-sorting’, a system in which
players take a diligent study of the cards before they play them.
In order to support this argument, which the duo does not dispute, the
court observed that Phil and his partner made prior arrangements with
a card dealer at Borgata who availed the particular cards the players
Even after availing the cards, the players asked the dealer to delay
the cards a little bit, giving them a chance to conduct a quick study
that unearthed the flaws that were at the back end of the cards’
According to the court, this was a deliberate mechanism that would
ensure they win.

The court ruled that Phil and Sun should return the money they
illegally acquired from Borgata. Make sure you read the article

Borgata Casino Files $10 Million Lawsuit Because Of Phil Ivey?

While giving their view on edge sorters, game experts agree that a
professional card-sorter is able to identify seemingly smaller flaws
in any card thus taking the advantage of the developer’s mistakes.
Perhaps that is why Borgata has vowed to take the matter in court to
challenge why Gemaco acted in leniency and with ignorance, a move that
saw the facility lose millions to the duo.
It is not clear whether Borgata will win the case but hitherto, Ivey
and his co-accused have been ordered to return the money.

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