Sunday, August 13, 2017

Play Online Slots With Fun Emojis Free

Play Online Slots With Fun Emojis Free!How much do you know what emoticons in your phone stand for? To many people, it is a lesser percentage. However, that does not deter them from using these fascinating characters that bring humor, sorrow, and even humiliation at the same time. We will discuss this in the EmotiCoins Slots In-Depth Analysis in this article and also right here.

EmotiCoins Slots In-Depth Analysis

This is so because, in the contemporary world, emojis are everywhere. Many people including those that hardly pick any meaning of what emojis convey still make good use of them. To illustrate, if you log in to your Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, WhatsApp and some other social media platforms, how many emojis will you readily identify?

Playing Free Slots Online With Emojis Is Fun

The number is staggering. That means although they may not be clear in meaning, many people still use them to convey whatever message they want to pass across. It is a thorough study that Microgaming, the developer of many Microgaming casinos in the world decided to create an online video slot that will not only help people convey their message, but also earn from using emojis.

Surprisingly, EmotiCoins slots have quickly received a massive welcome with many people loving to play with winking characters. Apart from those symbols that come on the screen with winking eyes, there are others that appear while wearing sunglasses and others with fingers and hands pointed at the player. The slot prominently features characters that sometimes convey pieces of information that are a half-way understood while the other part is not.

Features And Symbols

Of all Microgaming casinos available, EmotiCoin slots is one of those that comes with five reels and 30 pay lines that are fixed. Besides, the slot is based on a 3x5 board, which is so far the standard size of a board for such a game. The slot’s critics say that it doesn’t add any value to contemporary gaming. They argue that it would have been better if the developer saw it wise to remove classical card signs, which they say do not add any value at all to the game. On the other hand, those that speak well of the slot say that they love the standard slot presentation.

They assert that giving the game a standard design about graphics, sound effects, background, and animations, makes the game as enjoyable as it should be. After all, they argue, “Because it was difficult to know whether the emoji is crying or laughing, why should I choose what I am not sure of?” It is good to remember that Microgaming are not the first ones to start something that is based on emojis. Some time ago, the public what elated when an entertainment investor developed a full HD movie whose characters were specifically emoticons.

 The latest EmotiCoins slots come at the right time when many people are familiar with quite some emojis installed on their devices. The game can be accessed via a PC and or portable devices such as Smartphones, tablets, and iPhones. This slot will give you more wins than you ever thought. Your work will only be to continue spinning, and Microgaming will see to it that you are awarded a Big Win. Besides, you are also eligible for receiving gold coins that are coated with smiley emoticons.

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