Sunday, August 13, 2017

Cuddly Puppies, Bunnies, Kittens, Get All Available Bonuses On New Fluffy Paws Slot

This is to announce to the general public especially online slots enthusiast that today (August 10, 2017), we have proudly launched Fluffy Paws, an adorable new real money online slot that features among other pets kittens and puppies. To start with, players need to understand that the pets on board, Kitty, Bunny and of course puppy mean a lot to you.

Depending on which pet you choose when playing with Slotland casino at PlaySlots4RealMoney, that will translate to your bonus. So, you hold to your fingers that the kind of pet you choose will yield something big. From the launching date of August 10th till the 16th, there will be plenty of bonuses for all that will be interested in playing on this latest online slot that features beautiful pets. For instance, there will be $10 and $20 of free bonuses with bonuses after making a deposit of at least $125.

What Is In Fluffy Paws Online Slot

This very latest online slot comes with 25 paylines and 5 reels. Giving the client a chance to choose their own bonus is a good thing that we’d wish to extend to all our players.
We are sure that you’ll find this act very interesting since your aggregate gaming enjoyment will entirely depend on you.
Gamers are at liberty to switch pets any time they wish as they deem fit. But, as you will realize, many players will in the long run decide to stick to one of the pets and place their bets on it for as long as they will decide to play.

BIg Fluffy Paws Winner At Slotland Casino

Here is an example of how players decide and the result of their choice.
If a player decides to place their bet with the Bunny, as their pet, they will get some 10 free spins. But the player has to wait until the Bunny gets hungry and thereafter take a carrot and eats it.
That means if the Bunny feels hungry but decides not to eat a carrot or anything for that matter, the player will not get anything in return.

But if Bunny falls in love, which is a good thing to even pets, will land the player 5 spins.
As for Kitty, there are some 8 free spins.  But this only happens when Kitty runs after a mouse and actually captures it. Additionally, if a player seeks to choose to play with the last pet, Puppy, the bonus comes when Puppy digs and finds a borne that was hidden by a dog that belongs to a neighbor.
Some of the players that have already taken their stand and decided their pets, have very good experiences to share. Diane F. one of the players who have had a chance to play on this latest online slot say that she loves to play with Puppy.

“Puppy is my favorite pet. I really love this pet. When my favorite puppy barks at a neighbor’s dog, I get 5 clean free spins as long as he does so on the reels. It is even interesting if you let puppy search for a borne that was hidden on your garden by your neighbor, you will get some 200X bonus. But remember, there are incidents where you will also stop to collect some small but valuable bonuses during the search,” Diane said.

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