Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Couple Gets Spooked From House, Sues Landlord

A Toms River, N.J., couple is suing their landlord, claiming the home they are renting is haunted.

Michele Callan and fiance Josue Chincilla say they and Callan’s two children moved out of the house a week after moving in after getting spooked by the paranormal activity they say they witnessed in the home. The couple says they heard voices inside the home (voices that whispered “let it burn”) and that they witnessed flickering lights, clothes flying from closets, doors opening and closing, and “taps on the shoulder,” the couple told ABC News. The couple says they hired paranormal investigators who recorded some of the activity from infrared cameras.

The couple says they are living in a motel and refuse to return to the home, alleging their lives are in “mortal danger” if they return.

The couple is suing their landlord in New Jersey Superior Court, seeking the return of their $2,250 security deposit.

Their landlord, Richard Lopez, is counter-suing the couple, claiming the couple’s reports of paranormal activity home is all a hoax and just a way for them to get out of their yearlong lease and stop making the $1,500 monthly rent payments.

Source: “Couple Sues Landlord Over ‘Haunted’ House,” AOL Real Estate (April 16, 2012) and “Family Flees ‘Haunted House,’ Sues Landlord,” ABC News (April 14, 2012)

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