Thursday, September 22, 2011

Down Payment Remains Obstacle to Home Ownership

More than half of renters who wish to buy a home say they are unable to because they’re not able to save enough for a down payment, according to Trulia’s Fall 2011 American Dream survey. Lack of a down payment proved to be the biggest obstacle for young adults (18-34 year olds), as 62 percent cite it as the reason they have been unable to buy a home. Among those aged 35-54, the bigger concern was qualifying for a loan and having a poor credit history, the survey found. “From saving enough for a down payment to qualifying for a mortgage and having a poor credit history, today’s aspiring home owners face many financial obstacles in order achieve their American Dream of home ownership,” says Jed Kolko, Trulia’s chief economist. “These obstacles keep some would-be home owners from taking advantage of low mortgage rates. On the other hand, they prevent some people from buying homes they can’t really afford. Government home ownership policies can target some of these obstacles to home ownership, but only stronger economic recovery will help households facing multiple obstacles become better able to buy homes.” Home Ownership Still Ranks High Despite the sluggish real estate market, Americans aren’t turned off to home ownership. In fact, 70 percent of Americans say home ownership is part of achieving the American Dream, according to Trulia’s survey. Fifty-seven percent of current home owners say owning a home is among the best long-term investments they could make, and 80 percent of home owners said they plan to buy another home in the future. By REALTOR® Magazine Daily News

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