Sunday, August 13, 2017

A Candid Oink Country Love Slots Review

A Candid Oink Country Love Slots Review, In the world today, it is easy for the man to dedicate a song to a lady over national radio or television just to tell her how much he loves her. Others ask to sing to their loved ones. Still, there are those that compose songs that convey love messages to those that they are dearly in love with.

Win Money Online Playing Candid Oink Country Love Slots

In all the above incidents, one thing is outstanding: music has a link with love. Yes, the music evokes the right feelings of love. Perhaps, that is why Microgaming have come up with an online slot that is based on how music can be used to convey love messages. This newest Microgaming online slot is referred to as Oink Country Love slots.

Among Microgaming casinos, Oink is so unique. The cartoon presentation, use of animals to depict love and the employment of other animals to complete the circle is in itself a fine creativity. There are those who feel that Microgaming would have used human beings to show love, but indeed, if you follow through this slot, you’ll realize that the animals chosen to bring out what the developer wanted players to enjoy were a perfect choice over here. In this online slot, there are two pigs that have seemingly fallen in love with Miss Southern Charm.

Willy and Chancho, as they are referred in this online slot and to prove to Miss Southern Charm that they have and can give her the love she needs. Granted, the love is based on cartoon-like animals most of whom come from the farm, but there are valuable lessons we can learn from the game as we dig deeper. As other Microgaming casinos, the developer wants to ensure that players will earn good money from what they love. It is interesting to note that both Willy and Chancho while in the verge of trying to win Miss Southern Charm try to seduce her using beautiful sounds and wordings from the violin and banjo, classical yet important musical instruments.

Miss Southern Charm

Whether Miss Southern Charm falls in love with either Willy or Chancho is what you will unearth from the slot as you continue to play this juiciest online slot. This game comes with 45 pay lines, five reels, and three rows. It is never a hard game to master especially to those that have played any of the Microgaming casinos. It is also not necessary that you download it. As long as you have access to the internet, you can log in and go ahead to enjoy this latest love-based online slot. You can access it via your Android phone or even iPhones as long as they are equipped with iOS software.

 This online slot also features some of the other farm animals who together, complement to love theme in this slot. They include the sheep, cow, chicken and horse symbols. Although Oink Country Love slots is so modern and feature what troubles many people, there are some classical elements that you can find in this slot. Players are thrilled to be reminded of some classical card symbols such as Q, J, K, 10, and A. Whether Willy and Chancho finally make Miss Southern believe in their love; your aim should be to make money.

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