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Are You Ready To Catch Your Big Break?

Have you ever heard of people saying, “No monkeys’ business”? Those who said those words evidently knew what they were up to. However, as time goes by, you’ll soon realize that there are times when monkeys’ business really means your business. And that will bring you money and excitement you’d not get anywhere else. Big Break slots is so far among the 5-reel Microgaming casinos that continue to accord gamers total entertainment..

Where Can I Play Big Break Slots On The Internet For Money?

Packed with some 15 paylines, Big Break slots is seemingly one of the best Microgaming casinos that is sought by many online gamers not for just entertainment but also for what it is able to award gamers with. On this slot, monkeys are seen surfing and looking for the sweetest fruits from among the many that are available.

Big Break Slots

However, in extreme occasions, the monkey is seen struggling to offset hunger and thirst by eating some fruits that are not considered its favorite. Among those fruits the monkey resorts to after being overwhelmed by hunger is the Coconut Fruit straight from the source. Although it is not the monkey’s favorite fruit, the Coconut fruit is likely to award a player with 5, 10, and 50x the amount that was used to bet.

If it happens that you match three, four or five Kiwi Fruits on any of the available reels, you are automatically eligible of garnering 6x, 30x, and 100x the amount you used on your bet. Coming up next is the tropical Mango Fruit. For those who have had a chance to enjoy a mango juice, no one can deny the fact that it is one of the sweetest and thickest fruit juices in the world.

Even so, the reward is not as much as what it tastes like. Nonetheless, prize is higher than that of a coconut fruit. As for the mango fruit, you’ll expect to get 5x, 15x, and 75x the amount you used on a bet. Note that this has to take place on an active payline. The other fruit is the Papaya. As for this fruit that is rich in Vitamins C, matching three, four or even five of them on a payline will put you in the best position of receiving 8x, 40x, and 120x your betting amount.

Do not forget about the ripe Banana Fruit, which is no doubt one of the favorite meals enjoyed by the monkey. Matching three, four or five bananas on an active payline will reward you with 10x, 50x, and 150x the amount you placed on a bet. Of course there are other fruits you’ll find very important in the life of a monkey. Although they may not be known to you, there is absolutely no doubt that they will help you earn more than you ever thought.

Besides, matching Monkey’s other friends on your payline will certainly prove rewarding to you even more than the fruits. Here is a list Monkey’s friends and what they offer when you finally match them:

  • Macaque – will pay you 3x, 15x, 75x, and 500x the amount of your bet
  • Orangutan – will reward you with 3x, 15x, 100x, and finally 600x
  • Gibbon – will result in 3x, 15x, 150x, and 700x
  • The Lemur – 5x, 40x, 200x, and 800x
  • The Gorilla – will reward you with 5x, 50x, 250x, and a whopping 1000x.
  • Keep watching the performance of these characters.

Enjoy Las Vegas On The Go With The Big 5 Slot Machine

Big 5 Slots is an online game with a single payline and three reels that takes you to a wild adventure in the African continent to search for big animals the likes of which are not found elsewhere in the world.

As the name suggests, Big 5 slots is based on the Big Five animals that are only found in Africa as a group. Whatever you may be thinking of by now is not anywhere close to what it feels like when you are in the wild to hunt the big 5 animals. According to professional hunters, it is a very dangerous and involving yet interesting if you finally make it safe out of the wild. This is a useful link if you are interested in playing for real money.

It is time you shifted away from the world wild where you need to light fire and a firearm to a world of microgaming casinos where the only thing you are required to have is a computer or mobile phone.
Nonetheless, there are some attributes that we must carry right from the wild world to the Big 5 Slots video game. At least, we cannot evade the wrath of a lion, the speed and clever traits of a leopard and the presence of the elephant, rhinoceros and the buffalo.

Enjoy Las Vegas On The Go With The Big 5 Slot Machine

All these animals have been carefully put together to form what is called a powerful online video slot carrying the name of one of Africa’s most notable treasures, The Big Five. When you embark on this virtual safari that leads you to African soil, you are bound to meet all that Africa has to offer in terms of wildlife. The expedition will offer you nothing less but a full gaming experience any gamer would love whether novice or professional.

The screen of this online casino is filled with what you will no doubt want to see. for instance, what would you expect to see in a prominent African game reserve or National Park? Don’t you think that you’d be fascinated to see an elephant, a buffalo, a rhinoceros, a leopard and a lion, the King of the jungle? These are what Africa and the world regard as the BIG 5.

All the above animals will be what you’ll see on your screen. But that is not all. Apart from the Big 5, other things that are clearly seen on the screen of your phone or desktop would be a command bar, which is rightly paced at the bottom, the seemingly flexible paytable and of course the reels. With all those fascinating details about the Big 5 Slots, critics continue to hold something back from the slot. Granted, they may be right.

Big 5 Slots doesn’t really feature with the same amount of prominence other aspects of the game as it does to the traditional Big Five African animals. Trying to compare the two, the prominence that has been accorded the African Big Five on the screen and the few other details that have been incorporated in the slot would only hurt you. The music is also old school.

Enjoy Delicous Italian Food With Bellissimo Slots

Bellissimo slots is a 3-reeled online video slot that you will definitely love to play. It is developed by Microgaming, making it one of the best Microgaming casinos in the market today that centers on food. It is the right thing to appreciate that while not many gaming developers design video slots that touch on food, Microgaming has decided to fill the need.

Bellissimo Slots Review

 Bellissimo Slots Review

If anything, this online video slot focuses on Bellissimo, an Italian traditional food that is loved by both locals and foreigners who know the value. Some of those who appreciate this delicacy are those that even if they ate plenty of pizza, past and even a lot of tomato paste, could not be satisfied. This group of persons often finds it enjoyable and satisfying when they eat Belissimo. It is on this reason that Microgaming decided to come up with a video slot that will doubt end all the cravings on Italian food.

Best Food

In any gaming endeavor, a player needs to be ready. It is only after being ready that he/she would enjoy the kind of game that is before the player. Interestingly, that is what Belissimo does. Although Bellissimo slots is an online video slot, it is also a food that is loved worldwide. But you may ask, what is unique about Belissimo? Well, apart from being food, Belissimo is a game with 3 reels and 5 paylines. From the structure itself, you’ll realize that Belissimo is unique in its sense.Continue Reading the more in-depth review or feel free to stay here.

The five paylines are designed in a manner that allows them to crisscross on the 3 reels. The background of this video slot is also unique. You do not have to be so meticulous to see that the background is chequered with a red and white cloth. Of course the background is done that way with a purpose.

This deliberate effort to paint the background with a red and white piece of cloth is meant to resonate with what you are likely to encounter in many of the Italian restaurants and eateries. Critics however feel that there is a setback. They base their argument on the rather cluttered screen, which makes it difficult for gamers to clearly see many things.

Granted, the screen is filled with reels, which occupy almost all the available space on the screen.
Apart from the 3 reels, there is something else on the screen that adds headache to a player: the commander bar, which is on the lower side of the screen increases the headache of accessing other features. As if that is not all, the permanent paytable on the right side has been termed by critics as a complete menace. Nonetheless, this does not make Bellissimo Slots the worst of Microgaming casinos but one of the best with your ordered plate that is filled with Italian Belissimo delicious meal.

It is of utmost importance that you know the ideal thing that is expected of you in order to win. Although the screen might be cluttered and some features such as a permanent paytable and the command bar may be misplaced, your objective should be how to collect 3 or more matching symbols on the paylines. That is the only way you will earn some credits on Bellissimo slots.

Spin The Wheels To Victory Playing Beautiful Bones Slots

Beautiful Bones slots is no doubt one of the best Microgaming casinos to be ever designed. As the name suggests, it is indeed beautiful. The online video slot is equipped with beautiful characters, seemingly beautiful symbols and an elegant and stunning background. Beautiful Bones slots has been constructed in a manner that gives players a glimpse of what true beauty stands for. However, it is a bit tricky for first timers to who find it rather awkward to believe that this latest video slot is truly beautiful.

Where Can I Spin The Wheels To Victory Playing Beautiful Bones Slots?

But take your time to read through all the video slots’ details, you will find out that indeed, every aspect of this game is perfect right from the graphics, the tune, aggregate sound effects, and all the available visual impressions.  In fact, many players especially those that are seeing this free video slot for the first time, have mistakably concluded that this video slot should not have been named ‘Beautiful Bones Slots’. Are they right? Far from it!
Spin The Wheels To Victory Playing Beautiful Bones Slots

The very people have come back to look for Beautiful Bones slots from among Microgaming casinos after hearing beautiful stories about this slot from workmates, friends and relatives. This should not get you. If you are seeing this video slot for the first time, take your time to go through all the available information on this slot. You’ll be surprised to learn that it has many quality features than you ever thought.

For instance, many professional online gamblers have come to appreciate various technical aspects of this game. After an in-depth scrutiny of the game, they have come to appreciate many specs that make this game look different from others.

Mobile Gaming

Microgaming casinos are mobile friendly and Beautiful Bones Slots is no exception. Those who have laptops, desktops, tablets, and all phones can access this video slot as long as they work under the Windows technology. If you are using a mobile phone to access video slots online, do not also worry. hop over to these guys for the latest reviews. As long as you can access the internet, whether you are using an iPad, iPhone, a tablet or any other mobile device, just log in and enjoy your game.

Perhaps, the only things you should be worried of is the power of your internet. You see, in order to get the needed entertainment from any online gaming endeavor, you do not need to be interrupted unnecessarily.  This video slot comes with a progressive jackpot. Make sure you aim at it for it pays heavily. As long as you set your goals, nothing will be difficult for you.

There something about this game you’ll find rather interesting. Did you know that you don’t have to clear your computer’s or phone’s memory for you to play the slot? With a decent network, you are good to go. That means, you do not have to struggle to download the app or the slot itself. Your picture and other files will remain at its place as you log on to the internet and start to enjoy Beautiful Bones slots.

Enjoy The Summertime While Playing Beach Babes Slots On The Go

Are you ready to enjoy the Summertime while you are playing Beach Babes slots on the go? Perhaps there is no better way to explain this Microgaming online development than to give it the approach that the video slot rightly deserves. Microgaming casinos have decided to present an ocean theme online video slot with a totally fascinating and careful employment of features, symbols and various characters that in the end forms Beach Babes Slots.

This online video slot that comes with 25 paylines will no doubt interest any player who is looking for a way to learn and navigate through the deep ocean waters.Navigate this for more information about the Beach Babes slot machine.  Although the developer has decided to base this video slot at the beach and give it a theme that is relatively the same as other aquatic based video slots, there is much tom learn from the video.

For instance, you’ll realize that the video is talking of things such as sand, the sun, and the sea. All these characters are the ideal things anyone can speak of once they visit any ocean beach the world around.

Beach Babes Slots

It is true that Beach Babes slot does not have any progressive jackpot, what may be seen by others as the only sure way to reward players. But there is something that comes as a sure replacement.
What would you do with some 10, 000 coins? Or what would you say of an online slot that although does not offer a progressive jackpot, comes with a whopping 10, 000 coins prize? Interesting!
That is what Beach Babes slot comes with. No wonder, this ocean beachfront based video slot has created a huge uproar on all online casinos that offer it. But for a good reason, gamers are really enjoying the slot saying it is one of the best Microgaming casinos.

Whatever you may think of this online slot right from the graphics, visual impressions and the total design is perfect. The sound effects are cool, giving way to a beautifully-designed online video slot that has been produced so far.

Some of characters, symbols and signs that you’d expect to be included on this video slot are all intact. Think of the bright summer blue color, which is a perfect representation of what a real ocean beachfront should look like. Other symbols include buxom beach babes that are considered all beautiful throughout  the slot, inevitable beach balls, a life guard and scattered coolers, all perfectly brought together to impress the gamer. Do not also forget a classical sign that keeps reminding the old class and millennials who during their time, signs such as K, J, A, Q, and 10 made an ideal meaning in their lives.

Specifically in Beach Babes slot, you’ll notice that there is a 9-Ace sign, a traditional sign whose presence in the game means a lot to the gamer. The Wild symbol is also the logo on this game. It is a perfect replacement of all other symbols on this slot except the cooler symbol.  It is a good idea to put it into your mind that the Wild symbol is the only ticket to winning the 10, 000 coins. Because of that, you should take into account how it performs.

Where Can I Find The Best USA Slots Sign Up Bonuses From Trusted Casinos?

Have you ever wondered where you can find the best online slots bonuses from trusted casino sites on the Internet?  There are so many USA friendly online casinos that offer grandiose bonus promotions that do not require a deposit.  Some of the USA slots sign up bonuses are legitimate, however you should be careful before you claim one of them, even if you are playing with the Bitcoin virtual currency.

Discover Where You Can Find The Best Online Slots Bonuses From Trusted Casino Sites

Finding USA slots sign up bonuses are better to look for than a no deposit casino bonus. You are more likely to find a licensed and trusted real money online casino to play online slot machines for real money at if you are not searching for no deposit casino bonus codes or coupons.  The casino sites that offer USA slots sign up bonuses may offer you a no deposit bonus coupon or a code so you can try a mobile casino game out for free however they may not be looking to lure you in with big bonuses like many rouge casinos do.
USA Slots Sign Up Bonuses

Beware Of Some USA Slots Sign Up Bonuses

Some online casino promotions for playing mobile slot machines can go as high as ten thousand dollars over the first ten deposits you make.  The reason some reputable U.S. online casinos can afford to offer these Internet slots sign up bonuses is because they do not have overhead costs like a land casino. Click this link here now to find the best USA slots sign up bonuses that are from trusted casino sites on the Internet.  All of these US casino sites have been reviewed and rated by real players and listed on PlaySlots4RealMoney.com, which is one of the most reputable online casino review site on the web.

Where Can I Play The Best Online Slots Without Having To Sign Up For An Online Casino?

There are some trustworthy real money casinos listed on the PlaySlots4RealMoney review site you can play the hottest slots for real money, for free or with the Bitcoin digital currency without having to sign up for their online casino.  Search this trusted review and rating website and see what the reviews say. The most important thing is to make sure the real money casino is not listed on the blacklist as one of the online casinos you should avoid.

The last thing I want to see is anyone going to sign up for an online casino that has no plans on paying you when you win at the slot machines.  The unfortunate thing is there are a lot more blacklisted casinos you should avoid on the web than reputable online.

One of the questions you should ask yourself is does this USA slots sign up bonus feel right to me? The best advise anyone can give you besides speaking to an attorney to make sure it is legal to gamble over the Internet is to go with your gut feeling.

Realtime Gaming Casinos Launch Gemtopia Slots With Free Play Bonuses

Get ready to see the latest Realtime Gaming casinos latest online slot machine Gemtopia! United Kingdom and United States friendly online casino Intertops is having an online slots bonus to celebrate the launch of the latest Real Time Gaming slot machine Gemtopia.

Play Gemtopia Slots With Free Play Bonuses At Realtime Gaming Casino Sites

Intertops is one of the many USA friendly accepted online casinos that offers Real Time Gaming software games.  The folks at the Intertops casino along with PlaySlots4RealMoney.com are offering great bonus deals for the folks that want to try out Gemtopia Slots or any online casino game for real money or using the Bitcoin virtual currency on the go. Click over here now to see the latest Real Time Gaming (RTG) news and online slot machine reviews.

What Is Gemtopia Slots?

The Gemtopia Slot Machine is the latest creation from Real Time Gaming (RTG), which can be found at any RTG casino listed on the PlaySlots4RealMoney.com site.   Gemtopia features five reels and is a video slot machine with a Gem or Jewlery theme.  The graphics are pretty good as Real Time Gaming casino sites have been launching new online slot machines every month!  Intertops casino always has the latest online slot machines as well as other casino games.

Realtime Gaming Casinos Launch Gemtopia Slots With Free Play Bonuses

The way to qualify for this Realtime Casino software gaming bonus is to make a twenty dollar deposit at Intertops casino after heading over to the PlaySlots4RealMoney.com site.  Players from all over the world wil be able to claim up to seven hundred seventy-seven dollars in bonuses.  Intertops casino along with most RTG casino sites have wagering requirements you should know about like your real money online casino winnings are subject to free spins and a ten times wagering requireemnt. This online casino bonus starts today and ends on September 4, 2017.

Bet On The Maywather McGregor Fight of the Century Online

Intertops is a Sportsbook in addition to a Realtime Gaming casino.  This means you can bet boxing fights on the Internet and on the go using your Apple IPhone or Android tablet.  Floyd Mayweather is undefeated and will square off against the UFC fighter Conor McGregor this weekend on Showtime.  Floyd Mayweather is currently the -900 moneyline favorite at Intertops Realtime Gaming casino.  Folks that was to Bet on Connor Mcgregor can place their wagers on the Underdog who is sitting at +600 on the money.