Tuesday, July 10, 2012

NYC Mayor's Challenge to Architects: Build Smaller

New York City is already known for its small apartments, but Mayor Michael Bloomberg wants apartments to get even smaller.
He is challenging architects through his competition, “adAPT NYC,” to submit design plans for apartments that are 275 to 300 square feet. The competition is part of Bloomberg’s efforts to create more affordable, one- to two-person housing. His goal is 165,000 affordable, smaller homes by 2014.
New York City faces a shortage of housing for one- to two-person households, Bloomberg says. The city has about 1.8 million one to two-person households but has about a million studio and one-bedroom apartments available. Bloomberg says the city needs to address the shortage.
Eighty of the small apartments plans from the competition will be constructed in a building on a city-owned lot in Manhattan over the next two months. The apartments then will be sold or rented.
Source: “NYC Mayor Challenges Apartment Builders to Think Smaller,” Reuters (July 9, 2012)

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